Mani/Pedi Time!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This particular design was based on this video from EasyNails on YouTube.


I kinda did mine differently.  But still, the design was based on EasyNail's video and I wanted to make sure she got the proper credit for it. =)

Stuff I Used (From Left to Right):

Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: White
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Stripe Rite: Neon Pink
Stripe Rite: Neon Purple
China Glaze: Purple Panic (Neon)
Finger Paints: Cafe Creme
Orly French Manicure: White Tips
Orly Glosser

What I Did:
Once again, I didn't use a base coat, but I would suggest it to anyone, lol.  I did my toes first, because I don't want to mess up my hands while doing my toes.  I put 2 coats of the Purple Panic on all the toes and let it dry.  Then, only on the big toes, I did the little design (the black part) from the video using the White thin tip polish.  Next I took the Neon Pink thin brush polish and just did the same design on the outside of the white.  Finally, I just drew a line in the middle of the two white lines using the Silver Glitter thin brush polish (basically the blue part in the video).  After letting the nails dry for about 5 minutes, I threw on the Glosser.

For my nails, I put on one coat of the Orly White Tips at the tips, but on a diagonal slant instead of the normal French tips.  Basically, I just started at the middle of one side of the nail and ended at the top of the other side of the nail.  It didn't need to be perfect, because I was planning to cover it all up anyway.  Next, I put on 2 coats of the Finger Paints Cafe Creme (it's like a slightly metallic white) over the White Tips and let that dry about 5 minutes.

For the design, I used the Neon Purple thin tip polish in the same kind of design as the video, except I did it along the bottom of the white tips.  The first line started at lower part of the diagonal and followed it up the border then curved downwards in the middle, and the other line started higher part of the diagonal and followed it down the border then curved upwards.  Using the Neon Pink thin tip, I basically did the same design, but on the outside of the purple.  Then, I took the Silver Glitter thin brush polish and made a line in the middle of the purple lines.  After letting all that dry for about 5 minutes, I just put on the top coat.

Viola!  Simple, easy, yet pretty glam nails. =)  I got lots of compliments on them.  People couldn't believe I did them myself!