Gelish Plus Regular Polish

Monday, December 6, 2010
Hey Everyone!  I finally had a chance to do my nails properly!  This is my first polished look since I gave birth a month ago.

So I decided to test out what would happen if you used the Gelish base coat and top coat with regular polish in between.  This is the look I decided to go with...it's a nice wintery manicure. =)

You might have noticed, I filed my nails a little differently...instead of the square edge, I've decided to go with a more rounded look.  I'm just testing this out to see if I like it.  So far, I'm not crazy about how it looks, but it actually feels more comfortable and easy to manage than the square manicure.

Anyhoo, back to the polish!  First off, I used the PH bond, then put on a thin layer of the foundation gel.  After curing, I put on one coat of Orly's Winter Wonderland over the entire nail.  After letting this dry, I sponged on Orly's Royal Navy to the tips, adding an extra layer at the very tip to create a fade.  It's kinda hard to see in the pic, but it's there! =)  After, I used a clear top coat to adhere a light blue rhinestone to each nail (using just a drop where I wanted to place the rhinestone).  I let this dry, then put a thin layer of the Gelish top coat over the whole nail and cured it.  When it was done curing, I used alcohol to wipe off the tacky layer, and then added more of the top coat to just cover the rhinestone and cured it again.  Then I wiped off the nails one last time.

I wanted to see if this manicure would stay the 2 weeks like a full Gelish manicure would.  However, I already chipped 2 nails within 24 hours.  It was worth a try, though!   The chips are small, and I'm going to see how long this manicure lasts.  Well, see if it lasts until I get bored, anyway, lol.  I'll keep y'all posted!

In the meantime, I have a couple pics to update my Latisse use:

This is after 2 weeks of use.  I thought my lashes looked thicker, but my mom said I was imagining things.  LOL

This pic to the right was taken after 3 weeks of use.  I think my lashes definitely look thicker in this pic! My left lashes look thicker than my right lashes.  I can't really tell a difference in the length yet, but I'm not too worried.  Most people start to see a change around 6 weeks in.....so I guess I'm half way there? Hehehe

I also picked up a tube of Kat Von D's Painted Love Lipstick in Lovecraft.  I haven't actually tried it yet...I was in a rush in the store and just knew I liked the color.  Will post pics when I can!

Anyhoo, gotta run...hubby wants to sleep and is annoyed with my typing! Till next time!