Nail Art Craze on Mom

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Still on the YouTube How-To's, and came across a very fun nail art video.


It's a video created by QueenofBlendingMUA and I simply ADORE it.  I changed the colors (big mistake btw!) because I figured my mom would not be cool with having black polish on her nails.  I chose these two colors that I thought would look good together....and in theory they might have.  However, the colors didn't turn out as bold as I thought they would.

In the original video, QueenofBlendingMUA uses black with hot pink.  That, my dear readers, is a really good combination.  Something dark paired with something light.  Now that I have made my mistake, I shall learn from it and now pass on my learnings to you.

Things I used (From Left to Right):
Art Club Nail Art Sprinkles: White Flowers
It's So Easy Stripe Right: Neon Pink
China Glaze: Pink Voltage (Neon)
China Glaze: Purple Panic (Neon)
It's So Easy Stripe Right: Neon Purple
Orly Glosser

*Note 1: My Glosser is a little old (like 5+ yrs) so it looks a smidge green.  This doesn't affect my designs or anything (that I've noticed).

*Note 2: I got all of these at Sally's Beauty Supply.

I won't be explaining how to create the look, because you can easily watch the video link I posted above.  She does an excellent job of explaining how to create the look.  The main difference is that I substituted the purple for the black and instead of rhinestones I used the white flowers.  It made this interesting dainty look, but I like the original better. =)

I don't have more pictures (or clearer pictures) and since I did this a while ago, obviously my mom doesn't have it on anymore.  In fact, I took it off after 3 days because I didn't like it.  I replaced it with a different design that I'll post later on.  I may try to recreate this look in the future with a different color combination.  I'll keep y'all updated if I do!