Glitter French Manicure

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I have finally caught up on all my old nail designs!  So from now on, I'll try to post as I do them, but it definitely won't be everyday like I have been recently.

Here I decided to do my mom's nails again.  She only had hers for a week and she already messed up the old one!

So I semi-followed iheartkeyden's YouTube video:

At least as far as the glitter tips go.  Then I just added the design to give it a little something extra. =)

What I Used:

Light Blue Glitter Dust (I got this from an Asian Beauty Supply Store for $2)
Finger Paints:  Art Her-Story
Orly French Manicure: Bare Rose
Orly Glosser
Nail  Brush/Dotting Tool
Silver Rhinestones

What I Did:
Once again, I didn't use a base coat.  But this time, for good reason!  I didn't want to have the glitter sticking to places I didn't want, so I wanted to just do the parts where I wanted the glitter first (yeah, this is a really bad run-on sentence, but I think it kinda gets the point across, lol).

First I put the Orly Bare Rose only at the tips (I worked on one nail at a time for this part).  The line doesn't have to be perfect because we're just going to cover it up with glitter anyway.  While the polish was still wet, I  sprinkled the glitter powder over the tips.  I lightly patted it with my fingers (just like the video) and brushed off the excess with a makeup brush (I think any brush would do).

After I finished all 10 nails, I went back and covered each nail (the whole nail) with the Bare Rose.

Then I used my dotting tool (or an old ball-point pen would work) and made 5 dots in the shape of a flower just on the tip border on each nail.  Since my flowers didn't look too hot...I used a toothpick and drew out the middle of each petal (while it was still wet) towards the middle of the flower.  It just gives it a little bit of dimension.  Then I drew 3 dots downward along the side of the nail.  Then I used the dotting tool and dropped a drop of the Orly Glosser in the middle of the flower and attached a Silver Rhinestone.

Lastly, I put on the Glosser all over each nail.  They turned out really nice, and I was definitely impressed with how the glitter looked (although disappointed that it wasn't light blue...even without the Bare Rose I think it would still be closer to clear).  It was a fun design to do...and totally worth the glitter mess, lol.  I think I might do a glitter tip for my weekend!