Double Diagonal French Manicure

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So I went to this store in Pasadena called "Style 7", because I heard they sold rhinestones for really cheap.  To my surprise, they were extremely cheap...but Style 7 isn't a nail/beauty supply place.  So (IMO) you better get it while it lasts!

So this look is kind of based on MadelleTV's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBHiFq9tFc8&feature=channel

It's pretty much the lazy version of it.  She does all these cute lines and dots....I just did rhinestones.  Well, I knew I wanted rhinestones, because I was dying to use the ones I just bought, LOL.

What I Used:

Orly: Tough Cookie Base Coat
Orly Glosser
FingerPaints: Palette of Platinum
China Glaze: Glacier
Nina Ultra Pro: Purple-Xing
Palette of Rhinestones

What I Did:
First, I put on one coat of Tough Cookie (yes, it's new!!).  Next, I used the Platinum and put on two coats in a really deep diagonal French.  Third, I put two coats of Purple-Xing in a more shallow diagonal French.  Then, I put on a coat of Glacier over the Platinum, just to give an extra sparkle.  To dress it up a little, I put some Glosser down along the border of the Platinum and put on some purple rhinestones.

Overall, I think the nails turned out really nice.  It was definitely a fun design to do...putting on rhinestones is very....soothing.  LOL!  I'm planning on changing my own nails soon and maybe in a few weeks, I'll be able to fully review Tough Cookie. =)