Update on Glitter French

Sunday, October 18, 2009
Hi everyone -- Bachelorette was a success!

My nails currently are unpolished (*gasp*).  I've been waiting to go to the beauty store so I can grab some whitening fizzies.  I guess all those designs I did without a basecoat have kinda taken a toll.  Plus, I made some curry and some of the curry powder made my nails a little yellow too (which didn't wash off as easily as I thought!).  So my nails are looking a little yellow and before I continued putting on more polish, I decided to try whitening them first!  As soon as I do, I'll have before (ick!) and after pictures with a review. =)  (ETA Tomorrow, after the cable guy leaves!)

As a quick update for the Glitter French Mani I did in my previous post, I wanted to add some comments and observations.

First, I originally had a hard time having the sprinkles stay on....I think I lost at least 10 stars!

Second, the glitter part of the French was pretty rough and definitely not smooth (something my mom also commented on!).

So to fix this problem, I just kept adding a layer of topcoat until it was all nice and smooth.  Well, the sprinkles part wasn't THAT smooth, but they stayed on better.  I did about 3 top coats after the initial one, so 4 total.  I think it helps a lot, even if the entire ensemble feels a little on the thicker side.  I think this also helps with chipping because the rough edges would chip easier than the smooth edges.

So yup...just some thoughts on that!

Planning to do a blog about my mom's nails (just did them a couple days ago, but haven't had time to upload the pics yet!) next. =)