Nail Whitening Pen

Monday, October 19, 2009
Omg, I know I said I'd do some before and after pics, but I totally didn't take any before.  So, I guess there's no point in taking after, because you have nothing to compare it to!  That aside, let me tell you about what I tried out.

I went to my absolute FAVORITE beauty supply store (Beauty Headquarters in Rosemead/Temple City) and asked for whatever nail whitening supplies they might have.  Their very helpful employee pointed me to this Essie White Bright Nail Pen.  Basically it's a non-bleach whitening pen that you just throw onto clean nails and can wear nail polish on top (although it says to avoid the cuticle area).

I tried it out the second I got home, and was pleasantly surprised at the results.  Remember how I said my nails were kinda turning yellow from all the non-basecoat designs I had been doing....plus the curry powder stains?  Well, I am happy to report that my nails are definitely whiter!  While my nails are still a tinge yellow, I think that after multiple applications (supposing it keeps whitening every time), they will definitely be tons lighter!  It was relatively cheap too: $4.25+ Tax.

There are no actual directions as to how often it should be used, just that one coat was enough and that you can apply more coats as necessary.  Although it uses the term "coat", it's not like nail polish.  Once it dries, you can't even tell you have anything on your nails. =)

So yay!  My nails are looking pretty long and healthy (and not yellow!), so they'll be in good shape for my contest entry!  I'm planning to enter a Halloween Nail Art Contest created by BeenaPop and MigiNailArt on YouTube.  I have already submitted my info to MigiNailArt because you can get free pens, and you are actually supposed to use these pens for the contest.  I wasn't sure if you got to chose the colors of the pens, so I'll have to see when my kit arrives.

Hopefully the kit arrives before the deadline, but I'm sure they've been bombarded with requests for all the contests that are going on (I just found another one for X-Mas , lol), so I'm trying to prepare a look without their pens for this week, and then if the pens come in, to make another entry (max of 3!).

I bought a bunch of other stuff from Beauty Headquarters, so I'm already thinking about changing my mom's nails, LOL.  I'm sure she won't mind...although she might mind what I have in mind for her, hahahaha.  I was thinking about doing the spiderweb/rhinestone spider on her nails (originally by EasyNails).  Lol, as I was typing this, my mom came in and suggested black widows.  AWESOME!  (Don't I have a cool mom?!?)

So yup, I'll keep you updated!