I Uploaded my Entry!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
I have finally finished uploading my video for BeenaPop's Halloween Nail Art Contest.

I haven't actually received my pens from MigiArt yet, but hopefully when I do, I can upload another entry!

Here's the link:

My favorite look is the Freddy Krueger one.  I could see myself wearing that for Halloween.  You would not believe the restless sleep I got the night before I recorded the video!  I kept thinking about scary movies...it was definitely hard to sleep!

Let me just put up a list of items I used:

  • Basecoat - NailTek
  • Thumb (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) - FingerPaints: Artist Sapphire, Orly French Manicure: White tips, FingerPaints: Palette of Platinum, Black Nail Art Pen, Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Red Glitter
  • Pointer Finger (Freddy Krueger) - Orly: Reel Him In, Black Nail Art Pen, Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
  • Middle Finger (Jason): Orly French Manicure: White Tips, Black Nail Art Pen
  • Ring Finger (Carrie): Orly: Orange Punch, Orly: Reel Him In
  • Pinky (Blair Witch Project): Orly: Liquid Vinyl, Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Red Glitter 
  • Top Coat: Z Super Dry Top Coat

Admittedly it's just a really simple symbolic set of designs, but I really had fun coming up with this!

Well, anyhoo, enjoy!