Another Glitter French Manicure

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well, I liked the way the glitter French manicure turned out on my mom, so I decided to give myself one too. =)  Unfortunately, I don't think the glitter I used was meant for nails.  I think I'll have to go back to that beauty supply store to get a bottle of the pink stuff.  If I have time to redo my nails before Vegas, I will, but otherwise I think they look decent enough.

I was trying to get my nails to look more like the ones in this video by midnightsundark:


As you can see, her glitter is way more sparkly than mine.  She doesn't specify where she got her glitter from, but I think if I use the same one as the one I used on my mom's, it should turn out pretty similar.

What I Used:

Orly French Manicure: Bare Rose
M*A*C Reflects Glitter: Very Pink
American Classics: Yellow Stopper (Top Coat)
Nail Art Sprinkles: Black Hologram Stars
Nail Brush/Dotting Tool
Eye Shadow Brush

What I Did:

Basically I did the same thing as the last post (and the video) where I put the Bare Rose on just the tops, and then put the M*A*C glitter over that and brushed away the excess.  Then I put a coat of the Bare Rose all over the nail.

While That was still wet, I put on an open star, then three little stars on just the tip.  Originally, I had planned to do that beneath the tip, but it just looked funny.  Maybe if my tips were more glittery, it would look better.

After letting that dry for about 2-3 minutes, I put on the Yellow Stopper top coat.  I decided to use this top coat instead of the Glosser I normally used because this top coat glows in the black (uv) light.  And since I'm planning to party hard in Vegas this weekend, glowy nails would be pretty awesome.  Normally, the Yellow Stopper is a great top coat for regular white tip French manicures because it stops the white from looking yellow (hence the name, Yellow Stopper, lol).

So to sum up....The M*A*C glitter looks great on the face, but not so much on the nails.  I mean they're pretty and all, but I REALLY wanted it to sparkle like the video.  If I redo my nails, I'll definitely post some pics. =)