Another Black French Manicure

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here's another version of a French manicure.  I got this from EasyNails.  She calls this an "Arrow French Manicure", in case I use that term in the future.


I didn't choose the colors she did because I wanted something more dramatic (it being October and all, lol).

What I Used:

Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Black
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Red Glitter
Orly Glosser

What I Did:
Once again, I skipped the base coat (yeah yeah, I'm so terrible, my nails will suffer, yadda).  Using the Black polish, I made the two triangles on the tip of the nail.  EasyNails does this whole dotting thing, but I was lazy.  Hence why hers are like PERFECT, and mine are sloppy, lol.  Then I made the arrow on the bottom of the triangles with the red glitter polish.  Then I made another arrow on the bottom of the red glitter with the black polish.  After letting that set, I topped it with the Glosser.

Nice and simple, yet elegant. =)  Kudos to EasyNails for such and easy-to-follow video!