New French on Mom and Me!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well, I obviously didn't keep my Halloween Nails on very long. I decided to do a different look.

I did my my mom's in a diagonal French, with glitter at the border of the tip. This is based on EricaLeung's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvpxvukYT84

Afterwards, I did my own nails, with a more involved design (hey, my mom rushed me on hers!).  This is more like an Arrow French, but it really is just two opposite diagonal Frenches.

Both looks were really easy to do.  And I really liked how they turned out!

So let's move onto...

What I Used:

FingerPaints: Art Her-Story
FingerPaints: Artist's Sapphire
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Z Super Dry Top Coat

What I Did:

First, for my Mom's nails, I just did the diagonal French in Art Her-Story.  Let that dry, then another coat.  Then let that dry, and then the Silver Glitter along the border of the tip.  Throw on a top coat, and you're done!  Really nice and simple, yet quite elegant.  (I did add some plastic flowers on my Mom's ring fingers, but this is completely optional!)

Then, for my own nails, I basically did two coats of Art Her-Story as a diagonal French in one direction, then two coats of Artist's Sapphire in the opposite diagonal French.  (This pictured here was actually my second attempt.  I think it looks better when you start lower on the nail than just on the tips.  But that's just personal preference!)

After letting that dry (no really, I did try to dry each coat....ish....), I used the Silver Glitter polish to make a design as pictured.  Basically, I followed the diagonal French on the tip, just like 2mm from the actual border.  After that, I put on some top coat.  I thought it ended up looking pretty good (pat on the back! lol).  Maybe a little fancier than I had intended (since I'm not going anywhere special), but whatever!  They're bomb dammit!

As a product review, I'm not overly impressed with Z Super Dry Top Coat.  I bought it because I thought it was similar to Yellow Stopper.  I think it probably is a yellow-stopper type top coat, however, it doesn't glow in the black light (more like shimmers-ish).  But that's not the real problem.  It is a REALLY thin top coat.  Although it looks pretty thick...and goes on pretty thick, it dries like insanely thin.  I suppose this is a good thing if you have like tons of coats of nail polish and you don't want a top coat to add to that thickness...but in general, I like a top coat that smooths all the bumps and ridges from my nail and design.  So yeah, probably going back to the Orly Glosser for the next blog!