Another Diagonal Fancy French Manicure

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Black French started chipping (my left hand is NOT as smooth as my right hand, so the extra globs at the tips chipped away), and instead of fixing it, I decided it was time for a new look.

I had this wedding to go to, so I thought I'd do another fancy french.  I just did this random design...and it doesn't look as good as I could've made it, but I stuck with it anyway.  Besides, I'll be changing them again later this week because I have my bachlorette this coming weekend in Vegas!

At the time I painted my nails, I thought I was going to wear a black dress....but unfortunately that dress was out of the question when I tried it on (these weird creases would definitely turn out bad in photos).  In the end I decided to wear this yellow dress.  If I had know I was going to wear a yellow dress, I would've chose gold or something!

What I Used:

Stripe Rite: Neon Pink
Precision Nail Art Striping Brush: All That Glitter
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Orly: Reel Him In
Orly French Manicure: Softest White
Orly Glosser
Flower 3-D Art Wheel (Used the White)

What I Did:
I did a diagonal french in the Reel Him In (2 coats) and let that dry for about 5 minutes or so.  Then I did the same line design in the previous blog "Mani/Pedi" in the All That Glitter polish.  I used the Neon Pink polish in the same design, on the outside of the All That Glitter.  Then I used the Silver Glitter polish to draw a line in the middle of the All That Glitter lines.

You could leave it at that and have another nice diagonal French Manicure.  However, I kinda added stuff to it because I wanted it fancier for the wedding.

On all the nails besides the thumbs, I drew these two lines starting from one said of the nail...in the middle of the clear area.  I drew one line going upwards and one going downwards using the Silver Glitter.

Between the tip and the Silver Glitter polish, I used a dotting tool (or an old ball-point pen would work) to make three dots using the Softest White polish.

On the thumb I did the same silver lines, but I also added a 3D Flower Art.  Then I drew some dots using Softest White along the bottom of the silver glitter, making them smaller as I came away from the flower.

I put a coat of the Glosser over everything.

And yup, some fancy nails perfect for a wedding.  I thought they turned out pretty decent, but it's prolly not one I'm going to use again in the near future.  I think there are plenty of better designs out there in GoogleLand or YouTubeLand. =)