Podrunner Intervals

Thursday, September 8, 2011
Hi Everyone!  I know, I'm terrible...been so behind on blogging.  I need to post a blog on Minx and Get Nailed, and my Lasix.  Grrr...they're on my To-Do list, hehe.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm NOT dead.  Just semi-MIA. =)  I've actually picked up crocheting again, and actually have had a couple custom orders.  So between baby, crocheting, baking, reading, and watching Star India, I haven't had much time to blog, hahaha.  And, sad to say, I've let my nails grow into a disarray.  They keep breaking, but I can see where the new nail growth is healthier.  I think I need about 3 more weeks to grow out whatever bad stuff I did to my nails, and then finally, they'll stop breaking.

In the meantime, I've also started running.  A lot of my friends run (5ks, 10ks, 1/2 marathons, and marathons).  I'm like the red-headed step child who absolutely HATES running.  However, it's the most easily accessible exercise I can get right now.  I go to the park after the baby falls asleep (around 10:30pm or so) and I've been doing Podrunner Intervals (I downloaded this from iTunes, but I think you can get it from their website.  Just google it, hehe).  I'm doing the Level 1, which is based on the Couch to 5k template.  Currently, I'm on Week 4, and it is kicking my butt.  I live for the moment when I hear the sound that the last interval is over. Hahahah.  In theory, 6 weeks from now, I'll be able to run a 5k.  The cool thing about it is that the music is pretty motivating.  The bad thing is that the beat gets on my nerves after a while.  It's that round dance/euphoric trance beat.  I'm more of the happy hardcore type, lol.  Well, that and stuff like Darude/ATB/Tiesto/Christopher Lawrence/etc etc.  Basically, mainstream trance.  Ah wellz...like I said, the mixes for Podrunner are pretty motivating, so I guess it's okay.

Blah...I'm just blabbing in this post.  Sorry guys!  There's no review or anything,

Till next time!