Glitter French Mani Redo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alright, I am definitely happier with the new glitter!

So, as you can tell I changed a few things.  First off, used a different glitter.  Changed the placement of the sprinkles, and added a blackish stripe.

I also took the time to do my toenails.  They don't match per se, but I really wanted to use my new blue polish.

I think I went overboard with the glitter on my toenails, but whatever!  Not many people are going to see them anyway

The design doesn't really match my nails either (I usually try to match somewhat), but I'm not unhappy with how they turned out.  (Yes, I used double-negatives, lol.)  Oh, and please ignore those ugly sandal marks on my feet.  They won't go away!

What I Used:

Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Black
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Precision Nail Art Striping Brush: All That Glitter
Precision Nail Art Striping Brush: Taste That Rainbow
American Classic: Yellow Stopper
China Glaze: Glacier
Orly French Manicure: Bare Rose
Fuchsia Glitter
Finger Paints: Artist's Sapphire
Orly Glosser
Nail Art Sprinkles: Black Hologram Stars
Nail Brush/Dotting Tool
Eye Shadow Brush

What I Did:

As always, I started with my toes.  Gawd, a closeup looks horrible!  It's all dry and stuff!  Trust me, after I took the picture, I put some cuticle oil on it, so it's looking semi healthier.  I was just a little lazy to take another pic, lol.

Anyhoo, so I put on a basecoat (for once!): NailTek.  It's supposed to help strengthen your nails.  =) Then I put on 2 coats of the Artist's Sapphire.  Isn't it an awesome color?  Now you can see why I couldn't wait to try it!  it turned out beautifully!

Then I let that sit for about 2 minutes, and then used the All that Glitter to draw the two outside lines.  I used the dotter to to make the dots in the design, and then added a stripe of Silver Glitter polish in the middle.  

I put a coat of Glacier on all the nails (you could skip this step...I just wanted to see how it'd look, lol).  And then after about 3 minutes, I put on the Glosser.  Viola, a very interesting pedicure.  Maybe too much glitter, but I love it anyway!

Next, I started on my nails.  I tried using the Artist's Sapphire on the tips and putting the Fucshia glitter over that, but it looked better w/ the Bare Rose (or clear polish if you want =) ).  So I put the Bare Rose on the tips, threw some glitter on it, and brushed off the excess.  Then I put a coat of Bare Rose on the entire nail.

I used the black thin brush polish to make a line on the border of the tips, and then used the Taste That Rainbow over the black to make it glittery.

Then I took the Bare Rose and put some below the black stripe, where I was planning to put my sprinkles.  I placed one big star, and two little ones.  Kk, you might think me ghetto, but I actually cleaned and reused mine from yesterday.  I mean come on...I only wore them for one day, and I didn't want to waste them!  So I did what I could.  I think a couple broke, but still...I used the others. =)

This is where I wanted to place the stars yesterday, but it didn't look right with the M*A*C glitter.  I think it's because the glitter was more subtle and finer chunks.  This new glitter was really close to the one midnightsundark used in her video.  After I was done, I used the Yellow Stopper top coat.

I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out this time.  They definitely are keepers!  Hopefully with practice, my left hand will get better at it (my right hand looks a little...messy, lol).