Same Fancy French on Mom

Friday, October 2, 2009

Here's the same look as the last one.

Sorry all my pictures are so blurry.  It's been hard trying to get a clear picture up close.  I might have to take a farther one, then crop and resize or something.  But these were all done in the past, so hopefully when I have a new look to share, the pictures will be in better quality.  Sad that the pics of what I used is like perfectly clear...that's not the important part!!!

What I Used (From Left to Right):

Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: White
Sephora by O*P*I: Mermaid
Orly Glosser

What I Did:
Basically I did the "diagonal french tip" (or so it's called on YouTube, lol) with Mermaid (2 coats).  Then did the same design as my last blog using the white thin tip polish, with the silver glitter polish on the outside.  There's nothing in the middle.   After it dried, I put on a top coat.

Nice and simple.  Just a slight variation to the previous blog. =)