Star Nails

Saturday, October 31, 2009
So yeah...I had two nails that were broken, and I was in denial for a little bit.  But now, I've cut all my nails so that the breaks aren't as obvious.  I used this technique by tartofraises1 on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FybQEXlCL8Y .  It's in French, but I think there are English subtitles, and you can just do what she does anyway.  It's not rocket science, LOL.  Anyhoo, it was an excellent way to cut down my nails a tiny bit, and I think it worked better than just cutting my nails dry.

Then I decided to follow on of her other videos on YouTube, and did this Star nail design: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS_CHr9Uu6M.  I didn't do a French manicure, and I tried out the glitter, but I didn't have the right kind...so yeah.  I ended up with one thumb looking funky, but the rest of my nails looking pretty decent (with the exception of my ring finger on my right hand, but you won't see that anyway! hehe).  I took pics of each step, but didn't take any "final" look pics, so we'll just jump into the directions (each step will show you what I used as well...I might take a pic of my polishes separately later and add it, but I can't right now).

What I Used and Did:

Step 1.  Base Coat.  I used the Orly Tough Cookie.  I've only used it twice, but I think my nails feel pretty decently strong.  Plus, since I trimmed them, my nails aren't curling under as much.  However, this could be because of many contributing factors.  BUT, bottom line, I need to drink more water!  I know...but I hate water!!! LOL

Step 2:  Two coats of China Glaze: Innocence.

Step 3:  Draw Stars using Orly: Reel Him In.  I put a couple drops of Reel Him In on a palette and used a thin nail brush (that I got from Sally's Beauty Supply) to draw the stars.  I drew one big one and a piece of one little one on each finger.  Admittedly this was pretty tough on my right hand, because I am definitely not ambidextrous.  I just went really slowly and used small strokes.

Step 4:  I used China Glaze: Glacier on just the stars.  I didn't do it completely covering the star, but just a drop on the center.  Then I used a dotter to drag out the polish onto the limbs of the star.

Step 5: I used Orly Glosser as a Top Coat, and before it was dry, I put a Silver Rhinestone in the middle of every big star.  I also put a purple rhinestone on the two small stars that were actually complete (one on my left thumb and one on my right pointer finger).

And there you have it!

In the video, tartofraises1 puts glitter around the edge of the star, but when I tried, my glitter was definitely too small.  When I went to the beauty supply store today, I actually found the correct kind of glitter..it's more chunkier.  So I bought two bottles to try out.  I also bought one bottle of the crushed shells to try out as well.  I saw a video using them, and I thought it was pretty cool.  Stay tuned for my next look!

Watermelon Nails!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hey everyone!  I got this new green nail polish from China Glaze, and was inspired to do a Watermelon look.  As you can see, it's not like one of those looks that truly resembles a watermelon...more like a fancier version.

It was definitely a fun look to do...although it took me forever!

I uploaded the instructional video to YouTube already:  

But I'll give a quick run through of the steps here too.

What I Used:

China Glaze: Pink Voltage (Neon)
Orly: Tough Cookie (Base Coat)
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: White
Orly Glosser
China Glaze: Turned Up Turquoise (Neon)
China Glaze: Glacier
Orly French Manicure: White Tips
Sephora by O*P*I: Mermaid

What I Did:

Step 1: Base Coat

Step 2: Two coats of Pink Voltage

Step 3: One coat of White Tips in a Deep Diagonal French

Step 4: Two coats of Turned Up Turquoise in a Shallow Diagonal French.

Step 5: One coat of the Thin Brush White over the white part.  The reason I did two coats this way was so that the turquoise would have a white base (instead of getting mixed in with the pink), yet won't have too many layers.

Step 6: Using Mermaid, I did these stripes in the turquoise.  Basically it's so it looks like the Watermelon's outside. =)

Step 7: I put Glacier over the white part (just so it'll have some sparkle to it.  I didn't want this layer to be the only one that was plain!

Step 8: I put on a top coat, then Rhinestones.  I put another layer of top coat on after that, but I don't like how this dulls out the rhinestones.  Also, Black Rhinestones would be more Watermelon-like, but I don't have any right now...some coming in the mail soon!  So I chose this nice bright green color.

And there you have it!  Watermelon-inspired nails.  As a side note, if anyone knows how to keep the rhinestones looking nice shiny, please let me know!  Thanks!

Double Diagonal French Manicure

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So I went to this store in Pasadena called "Style 7", because I heard they sold rhinestones for really cheap.  To my surprise, they were extremely cheap...but Style 7 isn't a nail/beauty supply place.  So (IMO) you better get it while it lasts!

So this look is kind of based on MadelleTV's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBHiFq9tFc8&feature=channel

It's pretty much the lazy version of it.  She does all these cute lines and dots....I just did rhinestones.  Well, I knew I wanted rhinestones, because I was dying to use the ones I just bought, LOL.

What I Used:

Orly: Tough Cookie Base Coat
Orly Glosser
FingerPaints: Palette of Platinum
China Glaze: Glacier
Nina Ultra Pro: Purple-Xing
Palette of Rhinestones

What I Did:
First, I put on one coat of Tough Cookie (yes, it's new!!).  Next, I used the Platinum and put on two coats in a really deep diagonal French.  Third, I put two coats of Purple-Xing in a more shallow diagonal French.  Then, I put on a coat of Glacier over the Platinum, just to give an extra sparkle.  To dress it up a little, I put some Glosser down along the border of the Platinum and put on some purple rhinestones.

Overall, I think the nails turned out really nice.  It was definitely a fun design to do...putting on rhinestones is very....soothing.  LOL!  I'm planning on changing my own nails soon and maybe in a few weeks, I'll be able to fully review Tough Cookie. =)


Sephora's Cleopatra Kit

Monday, October 26, 2009

So I was at Sephora, just planning to buy a white eyeliner (who am I kiddin!), and I noticed they had these REALLY cool Halloween makeup kits.  So of course I had to buy one!  The stuff inside each kit is approximately a $65 value, but the entire kit is only $19.  Who could resist?  Here's the link if you're interested in buying it: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P248830&categoryId=C19441&shouldPaginate=true

So basically it comes with some tint/glosses, a black eyeliner, an iridescent purple eye crayon, a peakcock-ish colored glitter eyeliner, falsies, and a Gold glitter spray (okay, seriously, I really bought the kit for the glitter liner and the glitter spray, but I feel like I got the rest of the stuff for free!  LOL).

Inside the box cover, there are instructions to create 3 different looks:  Greek Goddess, Peacock, and Cleopatra.  Since I was just messing around (not wearing this look outside!), I decided to play with Cleopatra because that was the most difficult and this would give me practice.  I think my eyes turned out pretty decent....

I have more pictures up on Facebook, but this is a better shot because I'm smiling and you can't see both eyes.  Hahahaa...yeah, I tried like 5 times and could not get my eyes even.  I'll have to plan out the lines better next time (and yes, there will be a next time!).

Overall, the instructions were pretty easy to follow, and they had pictures (although extremely tiny) of what each look is supposed to look like.  For my next try, I think I want some golden powder.  And a deeper golden lip gloss.  On my lips, I have a bright red color, but a gold gloss on top.  I wanted it to shimmer more, but it didn't turn out how I hoped.  But like I said, this is just practice.  (And....yeah, I hate to admit it, but I'm not even going to be Cleopatra for Halloween!)  Hmm..although...maybe I can convince a certain someone to dress up...and then we can go as Cleopatra and Mark Anthony!  Hahah, fat chance, but a girl can dream, right?

It didn't occur to me to put my hair down for pictures until after I had already uploaded them.  Grrr...next time!

New French on Mom and Me!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well, I obviously didn't keep my Halloween Nails on very long. I decided to do a different look.

I did my my mom's in a diagonal French, with glitter at the border of the tip. This is based on EricaLeung's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvpxvukYT84

Afterwards, I did my own nails, with a more involved design (hey, my mom rushed me on hers!).  This is more like an Arrow French, but it really is just two opposite diagonal Frenches.

Both looks were really easy to do.  And I really liked how they turned out!

So let's move onto...

What I Used:

FingerPaints: Art Her-Story
FingerPaints: Artist's Sapphire
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Z Super Dry Top Coat

What I Did:

First, for my Mom's nails, I just did the diagonal French in Art Her-Story.  Let that dry, then another coat.  Then let that dry, and then the Silver Glitter along the border of the tip.  Throw on a top coat, and you're done!  Really nice and simple, yet quite elegant.  (I did add some plastic flowers on my Mom's ring fingers, but this is completely optional!)

Then, for my own nails, I basically did two coats of Art Her-Story as a diagonal French in one direction, then two coats of Artist's Sapphire in the opposite diagonal French.  (This pictured here was actually my second attempt.  I think it looks better when you start lower on the nail than just on the tips.  But that's just personal preference!)

After letting that dry (no really, I did try to dry each coat....ish....), I used the Silver Glitter polish to make a design as pictured.  Basically, I followed the diagonal French on the tip, just like 2mm from the actual border.  After that, I put on some top coat.  I thought it ended up looking pretty good (pat on the back! lol).  Maybe a little fancier than I had intended (since I'm not going anywhere special), but whatever!  They're bomb dammit!

As a product review, I'm not overly impressed with Z Super Dry Top Coat.  I bought it because I thought it was similar to Yellow Stopper.  I think it probably is a yellow-stopper type top coat, however, it doesn't glow in the black light (more like shimmers-ish).  But that's not the real problem.  It is a REALLY thin top coat.  Although it looks pretty thick...and goes on pretty thick, it dries like insanely thin.  I suppose this is a good thing if you have like tons of coats of nail polish and you don't want a top coat to add to that thickness...but in general, I like a top coat that smooths all the bumps and ridges from my nail and design.  So yeah, probably going back to the Orly Glosser for the next blog!

I Uploaded my Entry!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
I have finally finished uploading my video for BeenaPop's Halloween Nail Art Contest.

I haven't actually received my pens from MigiArt yet, but hopefully when I do, I can upload another entry!

Here's the link:

My favorite look is the Freddy Krueger one.  I could see myself wearing that for Halloween.  You would not believe the restless sleep I got the night before I recorded the video!  I kept thinking about scary movies...it was definitely hard to sleep!

Let me just put up a list of items I used:

  • Basecoat - NailTek
  • Thumb (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) - FingerPaints: Artist Sapphire, Orly French Manicure: White tips, FingerPaints: Palette of Platinum, Black Nail Art Pen, Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Red Glitter
  • Pointer Finger (Freddy Krueger) - Orly: Reel Him In, Black Nail Art Pen, Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
  • Middle Finger (Jason): Orly French Manicure: White Tips, Black Nail Art Pen
  • Ring Finger (Carrie): Orly: Orange Punch, Orly: Reel Him In
  • Pinky (Blair Witch Project): Orly: Liquid Vinyl, Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Red Glitter 
  • Top Coat: Z Super Dry Top Coat

Admittedly it's just a really simple symbolic set of designs, but I really had fun coming up with this!

Well, anyhoo, enjoy!

Nail Whitening Pen

Monday, October 19, 2009
Omg, I know I said I'd do some before and after pics, but I totally didn't take any before.  So, I guess there's no point in taking after, because you have nothing to compare it to!  That aside, let me tell you about what I tried out.

I went to my absolute FAVORITE beauty supply store (Beauty Headquarters in Rosemead/Temple City) and asked for whatever nail whitening supplies they might have.  Their very helpful employee pointed me to this Essie White Bright Nail Pen.  Basically it's a non-bleach whitening pen that you just throw onto clean nails and can wear nail polish on top (although it says to avoid the cuticle area).

I tried it out the second I got home, and was pleasantly surprised at the results.  Remember how I said my nails were kinda turning yellow from all the non-basecoat designs I had been doing....plus the curry powder stains?  Well, I am happy to report that my nails are definitely whiter!  While my nails are still a tinge yellow, I think that after multiple applications (supposing it keeps whitening every time), they will definitely be tons lighter!  It was relatively cheap too: $4.25+ Tax.

There are no actual directions as to how often it should be used, just that one coat was enough and that you can apply more coats as necessary.  Although it uses the term "coat", it's not like nail polish.  Once it dries, you can't even tell you have anything on your nails. =)

So yay!  My nails are looking pretty long and healthy (and not yellow!), so they'll be in good shape for my contest entry!  I'm planning to enter a Halloween Nail Art Contest created by BeenaPop and MigiNailArt on YouTube.  I have already submitted my info to MigiNailArt because you can get free pens, and you are actually supposed to use these pens for the contest.  I wasn't sure if you got to chose the colors of the pens, so I'll have to see when my kit arrives.

Hopefully the kit arrives before the deadline, but I'm sure they've been bombarded with requests for all the contests that are going on (I just found another one for X-Mas , lol), so I'm trying to prepare a look without their pens for this week, and then if the pens come in, to make another entry (max of 3!).

I bought a bunch of other stuff from Beauty Headquarters, so I'm already thinking about changing my mom's nails, LOL.  I'm sure she won't mind...although she might mind what I have in mind for her, hahahaha.  I was thinking about doing the spiderweb/rhinestone spider on her nails (originally by EasyNails).  Lol, as I was typing this, my mom came in and suggested black widows.  AWESOME!  (Don't I have a cool mom?!?)

So yup, I'll keep you updated!

Golden Diagonal/Arrow Manicure

Sunday, October 18, 2009
Hey Everyone!

I did my mother's nails the other day, and they didn't really turn out the way I wanted them to.  I didn't have the right nail polish, I think.  So in the end, they look a little messier than I'd like, but oh well!  I'll probably redo them really soon!

The original look I was going for is pictured here to the right.  It's a nice simple diagonal/arrow manicure using white and gold.  This picture was sent in by Elaine Lemay from QC, Canada, to a nail design website I explored.

That website is: http://www.nailsmag.com and they have tons of designs, and even some "how-to's" on their site.  I looked through them trying to get some ideas, but most are complicated or pretty difficult (aka meant for experts!).  I think these designs were posted more of an advertisement for these nail artists, but they were really fun to check out.

What I Used:

Orly French Manicure: Softest White
Aphrodite: 102
China Glaze: Cleopatra
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Red Glitter

What I Did:

Like I said above, this turned out really messy, but I can tell you where I went wrong!

First, I did a basecoat with NailTek.  Personally, I believe NailTek works great...I can see the difference it made on my own nails.  They are definitely stronger and they aren't peeling(?).

Next, I used the Softest White and did a diagonal French at the tip (2 coats).

Third, I tried to use just the Cleopatra for the diagonal from the opposite side, but it was too sheer.  I searched far and wide from my tiny nail polish collection, and came across the Aphrodite 102.  I'm fairly certain you can't find this outside of Myanmar, but any gold polish should do.  I did a diagonal French from the other side (also 2 coats).

Fourth, I tried the Cleopatra only over the gold part (I should've stuck to that!!!), and thought it still was too sheer, so I put it on top of everything.  Big mistake!  The gold and the white just kind of run into each other.  I tried to fix that by using my red glitter thin brush to outline the white and gold, but as you can tell, it looks a little funny.

So the overall effect I was going for did not turn out right.  The original look is definitely classier.  I intend to look for a better gold polish when I head out to the beauty supply store!

I probably will try to get another black polish and do some type of cute design using black for Halloween as well.  I've seen some pretty cute cat ones. =)  EasyNails did a spiderweb design that seemed pretty cool too, with a cute black rhinestone spider.  Decisions decisions!!!


Update on Glitter French

Hi everyone -- Bachelorette was a success!

My nails currently are unpolished (*gasp*).  I've been waiting to go to the beauty store so I can grab some whitening fizzies.  I guess all those designs I did without a basecoat have kinda taken a toll.  Plus, I made some curry and some of the curry powder made my nails a little yellow too (which didn't wash off as easily as I thought!).  So my nails are looking a little yellow and before I continued putting on more polish, I decided to try whitening them first!  As soon as I do, I'll have before (ick!) and after pictures with a review. =)  (ETA Tomorrow, after the cable guy leaves!)

As a quick update for the Glitter French Mani I did in my previous post, I wanted to add some comments and observations.

First, I originally had a hard time having the sprinkles stay on....I think I lost at least 10 stars!

Second, the glitter part of the French was pretty rough and definitely not smooth (something my mom also commented on!).

So to fix this problem, I just kept adding a layer of topcoat until it was all nice and smooth.  Well, the sprinkles part wasn't THAT smooth, but they stayed on better.  I did about 3 top coats after the initial one, so 4 total.  I think it helps a lot, even if the entire ensemble feels a little on the thicker side.  I think this also helps with chipping because the rough edges would chip easier than the smooth edges.

So yup...just some thoughts on that!

Planning to do a blog about my mom's nails (just did them a couple days ago, but haven't had time to upload the pics yet!) next. =)

Glitter French Mani Redo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alright, I am definitely happier with the new glitter!

So, as you can tell I changed a few things.  First off, used a different glitter.  Changed the placement of the sprinkles, and added a blackish stripe.

I also took the time to do my toenails.  They don't match per se, but I really wanted to use my new blue polish.

I think I went overboard with the glitter on my toenails, but whatever!  Not many people are going to see them anyway

The design doesn't really match my nails either (I usually try to match somewhat), but I'm not unhappy with how they turned out.  (Yes, I used double-negatives, lol.)  Oh, and please ignore those ugly sandal marks on my feet.  They won't go away!

What I Used:

Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Black
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Precision Nail Art Striping Brush: All That Glitter
Precision Nail Art Striping Brush: Taste That Rainbow
American Classic: Yellow Stopper
China Glaze: Glacier
Orly French Manicure: Bare Rose
Fuchsia Glitter
Finger Paints: Artist's Sapphire
Orly Glosser
Nail Art Sprinkles: Black Hologram Stars
Nail Brush/Dotting Tool
Eye Shadow Brush

What I Did:

As always, I started with my toes.  Gawd, a closeup looks horrible!  It's all dry and stuff!  Trust me, after I took the picture, I put some cuticle oil on it, so it's looking semi healthier.  I was just a little lazy to take another pic, lol.

Anyhoo, so I put on a basecoat (for once!): NailTek.  It's supposed to help strengthen your nails.  =) Then I put on 2 coats of the Artist's Sapphire.  Isn't it an awesome color?  Now you can see why I couldn't wait to try it!  it turned out beautifully!

Then I let that sit for about 2 minutes, and then used the All that Glitter to draw the two outside lines.  I used the dotter to to make the dots in the design, and then added a stripe of Silver Glitter polish in the middle.  

I put a coat of Glacier on all the nails (you could skip this step...I just wanted to see how it'd look, lol).  And then after about 3 minutes, I put on the Glosser.  Viola, a very interesting pedicure.  Maybe too much glitter, but I love it anyway!

Next, I started on my nails.  I tried using the Artist's Sapphire on the tips and putting the Fucshia glitter over that, but it looked better w/ the Bare Rose (or clear polish if you want =) ).  So I put the Bare Rose on the tips, threw some glitter on it, and brushed off the excess.  Then I put a coat of Bare Rose on the entire nail.

I used the black thin brush polish to make a line on the border of the tips, and then used the Taste That Rainbow over the black to make it glittery.

Then I took the Bare Rose and put some below the black stripe, where I was planning to put my sprinkles.  I placed one big star, and two little ones.  Kk, you might think me ghetto, but I actually cleaned and reused mine from yesterday.  I mean come on...I only wore them for one day, and I didn't want to waste them!  So I did what I could.  I think a couple broke, but still...I used the others. =)

This is where I wanted to place the stars yesterday, but it didn't look right with the M*A*C glitter.  I think it's because the glitter was more subtle and finer chunks.  This new glitter was really close to the one midnightsundark used in her video.  After I was done, I used the Yellow Stopper top coat.

I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out this time.  They definitely are keepers!  Hopefully with practice, my left hand will get better at it (my right hand looks a little...messy, lol).

Another Glitter French Manicure

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well, I liked the way the glitter French manicure turned out on my mom, so I decided to give myself one too. =)  Unfortunately, I don't think the glitter I used was meant for nails.  I think I'll have to go back to that beauty supply store to get a bottle of the pink stuff.  If I have time to redo my nails before Vegas, I will, but otherwise I think they look decent enough.

I was trying to get my nails to look more like the ones in this video by midnightsundark:


As you can see, her glitter is way more sparkly than mine.  She doesn't specify where she got her glitter from, but I think if I use the same one as the one I used on my mom's, it should turn out pretty similar.

What I Used:

Orly French Manicure: Bare Rose
M*A*C Reflects Glitter: Very Pink
American Classics: Yellow Stopper (Top Coat)
Nail Art Sprinkles: Black Hologram Stars
Nail Brush/Dotting Tool
Eye Shadow Brush

What I Did:

Basically I did the same thing as the last post (and the video) where I put the Bare Rose on just the tops, and then put the M*A*C glitter over that and brushed away the excess.  Then I put a coat of the Bare Rose all over the nail.

While That was still wet, I put on an open star, then three little stars on just the tip.  Originally, I had planned to do that beneath the tip, but it just looked funny.  Maybe if my tips were more glittery, it would look better.

After letting that dry for about 2-3 minutes, I put on the Yellow Stopper top coat.  I decided to use this top coat instead of the Glosser I normally used because this top coat glows in the black (uv) light.  And since I'm planning to party hard in Vegas this weekend, glowy nails would be pretty awesome.  Normally, the Yellow Stopper is a great top coat for regular white tip French manicures because it stops the white from looking yellow (hence the name, Yellow Stopper, lol).

So to sum up....The M*A*C glitter looks great on the face, but not so much on the nails.  I mean they're pretty and all, but I REALLY wanted it to sparkle like the video.  If I redo my nails, I'll definitely post some pics. =)

Glitter French Manicure

I have finally caught up on all my old nail designs!  So from now on, I'll try to post as I do them, but it definitely won't be everyday like I have been recently.

Here I decided to do my mom's nails again.  She only had hers for a week and she already messed up the old one!

So I semi-followed iheartkeyden's YouTube video:

At least as far as the glitter tips go.  Then I just added the design to give it a little something extra. =)

What I Used:

Light Blue Glitter Dust (I got this from an Asian Beauty Supply Store for $2)
Finger Paints:  Art Her-Story
Orly French Manicure: Bare Rose
Orly Glosser
Nail  Brush/Dotting Tool
Silver Rhinestones

What I Did:
Once again, I didn't use a base coat.  But this time, for good reason!  I didn't want to have the glitter sticking to places I didn't want, so I wanted to just do the parts where I wanted the glitter first (yeah, this is a really bad run-on sentence, but I think it kinda gets the point across, lol).

First I put the Orly Bare Rose only at the tips (I worked on one nail at a time for this part).  The line doesn't have to be perfect because we're just going to cover it up with glitter anyway.  While the polish was still wet, I  sprinkled the glitter powder over the tips.  I lightly patted it with my fingers (just like the video) and brushed off the excess with a makeup brush (I think any brush would do).

After I finished all 10 nails, I went back and covered each nail (the whole nail) with the Bare Rose.

Then I used my dotting tool (or an old ball-point pen would work) and made 5 dots in the shape of a flower just on the tip border on each nail.  Since my flowers didn't look too hot...I used a toothpick and drew out the middle of each petal (while it was still wet) towards the middle of the flower.  It just gives it a little bit of dimension.  Then I drew 3 dots downward along the side of the nail.  Then I used the dotting tool and dropped a drop of the Orly Glosser in the middle of the flower and attached a Silver Rhinestone.

Lastly, I put on the Glosser all over each nail.  They turned out really nice, and I was definitely impressed with how the glitter looked (although disappointed that it wasn't light blue...even without the Bare Rose I think it would still be closer to clear).  It was a fun design to do...and totally worth the glitter mess, lol.  I think I might do a glitter tip for my weekend!

Another Diagonal Fancy French Manicure

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Black French started chipping (my left hand is NOT as smooth as my right hand, so the extra globs at the tips chipped away), and instead of fixing it, I decided it was time for a new look.

I had this wedding to go to, so I thought I'd do another fancy french.  I just did this random design...and it doesn't look as good as I could've made it, but I stuck with it anyway.  Besides, I'll be changing them again later this week because I have my bachlorette this coming weekend in Vegas!

At the time I painted my nails, I thought I was going to wear a black dress....but unfortunately that dress was out of the question when I tried it on (these weird creases would definitely turn out bad in photos).  In the end I decided to wear this yellow dress.  If I had know I was going to wear a yellow dress, I would've chose gold or something!

What I Used:

Stripe Rite: Neon Pink
Precision Nail Art Striping Brush: All That Glitter
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Orly: Reel Him In
Orly French Manicure: Softest White
Orly Glosser
Flower 3-D Art Wheel (Used the White)

What I Did:
I did a diagonal french in the Reel Him In (2 coats) and let that dry for about 5 minutes or so.  Then I did the same line design in the previous blog "Mani/Pedi" in the All That Glitter polish.  I used the Neon Pink polish in the same design, on the outside of the All That Glitter.  Then I used the Silver Glitter polish to draw a line in the middle of the All That Glitter lines.

You could leave it at that and have another nice diagonal French Manicure.  However, I kinda added stuff to it because I wanted it fancier for the wedding.

On all the nails besides the thumbs, I drew these two lines starting from one said of the nail...in the middle of the clear area.  I drew one line going upwards and one going downwards using the Silver Glitter.

Between the tip and the Silver Glitter polish, I used a dotting tool (or an old ball-point pen would work) to make three dots using the Softest White polish.

On the thumb I did the same silver lines, but I also added a 3D Flower Art.  Then I drew some dots using Softest White along the bottom of the silver glitter, making them smaller as I came away from the flower.

I put a coat of the Glosser over everything.

And yup, some fancy nails perfect for a wedding.  I thought they turned out pretty decent, but it's prolly not one I'm going to use again in the near future.  I think there are plenty of better designs out there in GoogleLand or YouTubeLand. =)

Another Black French Manicure

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here's another version of a French manicure.  I got this from EasyNails.  She calls this an "Arrow French Manicure", in case I use that term in the future.


I didn't choose the colors she did because I wanted something more dramatic (it being October and all, lol).

What I Used:

Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Black
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Red Glitter
Orly Glosser

What I Did:
Once again, I skipped the base coat (yeah yeah, I'm so terrible, my nails will suffer, yadda).  Using the Black polish, I made the two triangles on the tip of the nail.  EasyNails does this whole dotting thing, but I was lazy.  Hence why hers are like PERFECT, and mine are sloppy, lol.  Then I made the arrow on the bottom of the triangles with the red glitter polish.  Then I made another arrow on the bottom of the red glitter with the black polish.  After letting that set, I topped it with the Glosser.

Nice and simple, yet elegant. =)  Kudos to EasyNails for such and easy-to-follow video!

Same Fancy French on Mom

Friday, October 2, 2009

Here's the same look as the last one.

Sorry all my pictures are so blurry.  It's been hard trying to get a clear picture up close.  I might have to take a farther one, then crop and resize or something.  But these were all done in the past, so hopefully when I have a new look to share, the pictures will be in better quality.  Sad that the pics of what I used is like perfectly clear...that's not the important part!!!

What I Used (From Left to Right):

Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: White
Sephora by O*P*I: Mermaid
Orly Glosser

What I Did:
Basically I did the "diagonal french tip" (or so it's called on YouTube, lol) with Mermaid (2 coats).  Then did the same design as my last blog using the white thin tip polish, with the silver glitter polish on the outside.  There's nothing in the middle.   After it dried, I put on a top coat.

Nice and simple.  Just a slight variation to the previous blog. =)

Mani/Pedi Time!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This particular design was based on this video from EasyNails on YouTube.


I kinda did mine differently.  But still, the design was based on EasyNail's video and I wanted to make sure she got the proper credit for it. =)

Stuff I Used (From Left to Right):

Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: White
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Stripe Rite: Neon Pink
Stripe Rite: Neon Purple
China Glaze: Purple Panic (Neon)
Finger Paints: Cafe Creme
Orly French Manicure: White Tips
Orly Glosser

What I Did:
Once again, I didn't use a base coat, but I would suggest it to anyone, lol.  I did my toes first, because I don't want to mess up my hands while doing my toes.  I put 2 coats of the Purple Panic on all the toes and let it dry.  Then, only on the big toes, I did the little design (the black part) from the video using the White thin tip polish.  Next I took the Neon Pink thin brush polish and just did the same design on the outside of the white.  Finally, I just drew a line in the middle of the two white lines using the Silver Glitter thin brush polish (basically the blue part in the video).  After letting the nails dry for about 5 minutes, I threw on the Glosser.

For my nails, I put on one coat of the Orly White Tips at the tips, but on a diagonal slant instead of the normal French tips.  Basically, I just started at the middle of one side of the nail and ended at the top of the other side of the nail.  It didn't need to be perfect, because I was planning to cover it all up anyway.  Next, I put on 2 coats of the Finger Paints Cafe Creme (it's like a slightly metallic white) over the White Tips and let that dry about 5 minutes.

For the design, I used the Neon Purple thin tip polish in the same kind of design as the video, except I did it along the bottom of the white tips.  The first line started at lower part of the diagonal and followed it up the border then curved downwards in the middle, and the other line started higher part of the diagonal and followed it down the border then curved upwards.  Using the Neon Pink thin tip, I basically did the same design, but on the outside of the purple.  Then, I took the Silver Glitter thin brush polish and made a line in the middle of the purple lines.  After letting all that dry for about 5 minutes, I just put on the top coat.

Viola!  Simple, easy, yet pretty glam nails. =)  I got lots of compliments on them.  People couldn't believe I did them myself!