Star Nails

Saturday, October 31, 2009
So yeah...I had two nails that were broken, and I was in denial for a little bit.  But now, I've cut all my nails so that the breaks aren't as obvious.  I used this technique by tartofraises1 on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FybQEXlCL8Y .  It's in French, but I think there are English subtitles, and you can just do what she does anyway.  It's not rocket science, LOL.  Anyhoo, it was an excellent way to cut down my nails a tiny bit, and I think it worked better than just cutting my nails dry.

Then I decided to follow on of her other videos on YouTube, and did this Star nail design: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS_CHr9Uu6M.  I didn't do a French manicure, and I tried out the glitter, but I didn't have the right kind...so yeah.  I ended up with one thumb looking funky, but the rest of my nails looking pretty decent (with the exception of my ring finger on my right hand, but you won't see that anyway! hehe).  I took pics of each step, but didn't take any "final" look pics, so we'll just jump into the directions (each step will show you what I used as well...I might take a pic of my polishes separately later and add it, but I can't right now).

What I Used and Did:

Step 1.  Base Coat.  I used the Orly Tough Cookie.  I've only used it twice, but I think my nails feel pretty decently strong.  Plus, since I trimmed them, my nails aren't curling under as much.  However, this could be because of many contributing factors.  BUT, bottom line, I need to drink more water!  I know...but I hate water!!! LOL

Step 2:  Two coats of China Glaze: Innocence.

Step 3:  Draw Stars using Orly: Reel Him In.  I put a couple drops of Reel Him In on a palette and used a thin nail brush (that I got from Sally's Beauty Supply) to draw the stars.  I drew one big one and a piece of one little one on each finger.  Admittedly this was pretty tough on my right hand, because I am definitely not ambidextrous.  I just went really slowly and used small strokes.

Step 4:  I used China Glaze: Glacier on just the stars.  I didn't do it completely covering the star, but just a drop on the center.  Then I used a dotter to drag out the polish onto the limbs of the star.

Step 5: I used Orly Glosser as a Top Coat, and before it was dry, I put a Silver Rhinestone in the middle of every big star.  I also put a purple rhinestone on the two small stars that were actually complete (one on my left thumb and one on my right pointer finger).

And there you have it!

In the video, tartofraises1 puts glitter around the edge of the star, but when I tried, my glitter was definitely too small.  When I went to the beauty supply store today, I actually found the correct kind of glitter..it's more chunkier.  So I bought two bottles to try out.  I also bought one bottle of the crushed shells to try out as well.  I saw a video using them, and I thought it was pretty cool.  Stay tuned for my next look!