Small Haul...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

So I'm going to show a really quick Haul....

I ran to Beauty Headquarters again today because I really wanted to pick up some drying drops.  Of course while I was there, I couldn't resist a few other buys.

I got the essie quick-e drying drops.  I haven't tested them yet, but I will definitely do a review of it once I get the chance.  I'm pretty sure I'll be using them later today on either me or my mom...lol.

The next thing I got was the essie man-e-cure top coat.  Basically, it's a top coat that's got a natural matte finish.  I thought this would be pretty cool to try because I've really enjoyed wearing matte polish, and I hate going without a top coat (stuff just chips waaaay to easily!).

And the last thing I bought today (sorry this went from right to left, lol), are more rhinestones.  The last time I went, I found out where they keep all their rhinestones, and after I found out how much they were, I totally regretted buying them from anywhere else!  This set...I believe about 1200 pieces, was only $2!!!!  TWO FRICKIN DOLLARS!!!  In the past I've paid $5 for a small kit, $3 for like 20 stones, and I think $3-$4 on ebay for sets like this one.  GRRRRR!  Lol.  But yeah, I wanted to get this shape..it's like an oval with pointy corners, because I saw a tutorial with a penguin using these.  I will post that video + my attempt later.  LOL

Now on to what arrived from eBay:
Check this out!  I got this from eBay....and it was about $32 including shipping.  It's 48 bottles of nail polish, and there are two ways to use it.  The first way is to twist open and use like a regular nail art brush (the thin brush).  The second way is to pop off the top and use it like a pen.  I actually like these better than the Migi ones because they go on better, and they're like tons cheaper.  The Migi ones are about $4 each...and these were what...70 cents each?  On eBay you can find smaller sets too...like 12 pens for $8 or whatever.  I just got this set because it was decently priced and it came with tons of colors.

I have to admit they kinda scrimped on the purples, but there are tons of red, blue, and green lol.

As you can see in the pictures, some of the pens had leaked.  I took a picture of the 5 or 6 that leaked and sent it to the seller.  I'm not sure what they want me to do, but I'll keep you posted.  I guess it's inevitable that some might leak when they're coming from Hong Kong.

Here's a picture of me testing the pens.  I'll have to get used to them...they're pretty sensitive.  As you can see, I'm already practicing my penguin, hehehe.

I'll figure out what design I want to do for real after my nap!

As an update, I still have one more simple design post and one color swatch post left.  After that I want to do at least one or two posts on FrankenPolish-ing.  I just squeezed this one in here because I was super excited at all the stuff I got, lol.

So yeah...till next time!