China Glaze: Scarlet

Monday, November 16, 2009

I got this China Glaze: Scarlet polish.  I've used it before, in the LadyBug nails, but I had never used it as a regular polish.  So...before I ran to a birthday party, I tossed on a basecoat and two coats of Scarlet.

Without a topcoat, the polish got dull pretty quickly.  And the red is just soooo plain.  the way I had worn it, it barely lasted the night.

I suppose this is really disappointing because normally China Glaze polishes perform pretty well.  =(

I bought a couple more colors, but I had also gotten a bottle of essie, and I am waaaayyy more impressed with essie.  But more on that later!

Originally, I was planning to start up a China Glaze collection, but I think I might hold off on it for now.  I'm going to explore essie and O*P*I a bit more.  I have lots of Orly already, but I think I might get more....there's a couple colors I have my eye on....