China Glaze: Golden Meringue

Monday, November 16, 2009

I kept saying I was going to do this haul blog thing, but I changed my mind.  I'll just try to keep up w/ new items as I get them (or in this case, show them).

One of my new polish purchases was this China Glaze color called Golden Meringue.  My mom had chosen it, but I don't think either of us like it as much as we thought we would.

The color is extremely sheer....I'm used to getting a more opaque color with 2 coats, but in the pictures, I have 3 coats and it's still looking really sheer.

To spruce it up, I added this random design...but you can see the design a lot better than you can see the color underneath. =(

What I Used:

NailTek (Basecoat)
China Glaze: Golden Meringue
Orly: Vixen
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Silver Glitter
Seche Vite (Top Coat)
Dotting Tool (Medium)

What I Did:

1. Base Coat

2. 3 Coats of Golden Meringue

3. Using the Silver Glitter, make two stripes in a diagonal, parting in the middle.

4. Using the Dotting Tool and Vixen, make 6 dots, 3 up top and 3 on the bottom, going from big to smaller as you get closer to the middle of the nail.

5. Top Coat, and you're done!

It was a really easy and simple design. We weren't exactly thrilled with it, but I just needed to do something really fast before my mom dashed out and about.

I did this look last week, and I'll be posting this week's in a few min (I think!).