Thursday, November 5, 2009

So I've been thinking of designs I can enter into the contests, but I've been stumped for all but the x-mas one.  I just need some time for that one!

So in the meantime, my mom invited her friend over, and asked me to do her nails (paid in sushi!  Hellz yeah!!!).  Since she has short nails (casualty of her job, lol) I decided to do a simple design.

The entire time I worked on her nails, my mom was watching over my shoulder and giving me "suggestions" as to how to make it prettier.  Personally, I was just trying to be a realist, and keeping a simple design that could be maintained at her work.  But, of course, I listened my mom with the whole rhinestone thing!

What I Used:

Orly Tough Cookie
Nina Pro: Purple-Xing
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Black
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer: Red Glitter
China Glaze: Fast Forward
Hyundai Nail Art Pen

What I Did:

Yes, I said Hyundai.  I know I've never named the brand of the pen I used, but there you go.  They're like $2 each at Beauty Headquarters.  It doesn't tell me how much polish is in one pen, but I'm pretty sure it's alot!

Anyhoo, so yeah, what I did.

Step 1: Base Coat.

Step 2: Diagonal French with Purple-Xing.  (2 coats)

Step 3: Black strip across the nail with the Art Club polish.  I am more comfortable with making straight lines w/ the striping brush than I am using a pen.

Step 4: Using the Pen, make an outline of a butterfly on the thumb.  At this step, I tried to use the Migi Nail Art Pens that I had just received in the mail.  Now, this is where I was really disappointed.  The glitter does not go through the pen tip very well.  It's quite watery (?) versus sparkly.  Which changes my game plan for my entries.  I might not be able to do another Halloween Video because my pens aren't going to suit a drawing purpose.  They're great as a regular polish though.  The glitter is very pretty when I use the brush tip.  More on that later!

Step 5:  Draw dots on the rest of the fingers in lieu of the butterfly.  Her nails were too small for a more elaborate design on every nail.

Step 5:  Fill in the butterfly wings w/ the red glitter polish.

Step 6:  Top coat.

Step 7:  This is optional, but I put on red heart rhinestones.

Here's some pictures of the look without the rhinestones.

So the rhinestones give it an extra dimension.  But I thought it looked fine without them!  I mean, I'm not being stingy...the rhinestones are relatively cheap, but I was just thinking how much she uses her hands and how they were just going to fall off anyway.

I did decide to use nail glue instead of just the basic top coat method though.  I figured this would give the rhinestones an extra chance to "live", lol.  I guess the next time I see here, I'll ask how long they lasted!  I heard that with nail glue, accessories can stick to the nail for about a month. We shall see!

On a side note, I am happily awaiting a ton of things from eBay.  As soon as I get everything, I'll do a major haul blog.  Still debating on whether I want to do a haul video.  That would require me to actually be on camera and talk.  Not like my current videos where I just give you titles and subtitles. LOL!  I just don't think I photograph too well right now.  Although, on the plus side, I wore a pair of pants today...a year ago they wouldn't have fit.  So yeah, that makes me feel pretty good. ^^

I also just got a pair of snowboarding pants (DC) that look like jeans @ SkiDazzle.  I totally can't wait to hit the mountain and board again!  That should help me slim down even more!