Bday Present for my Bro

Monday, November 23, 2009

The present I ordered for my brother's birthday FINALLY came in from Japan. These figures are practically impossible to find here in the US, so I was very excited to give him something I knew he would love.

This is a Figma figurine called Drossel.  It's from Disney Japan.  =)  I actually prefer the other hair pieces, where it looks like pigtails, but whatever...my bro likes this one cuz they look like "headphones" or something.

Since it's a Figma, I think I'm going to get the stage sets for him as well, so we can start posing them and taking pictures.  It will be fun...I hope!

I pretty much caught up with all the blogs last week.  I think I have one more kinda holiday design, and that's it for now....

I need more free time to figure out what's next!  I have a couple makeup contests I want to enter...and I think they're closing soon, so I gotta hurry up.  But it's hard to come up with a unique, avant guarde kind of look, you know?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see!