Orly Nail Whitener

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Hey, I have a few minutes to do a quick post before I head off to bed.  I need to wake up early again tomorrow...so basically I haven't been able to sleep in for over a week.  This kills me a little inside, I swear!

So yeah, I wanted to show you the nail whitening treatment I did:


I don't really see a difference in the photos.  But, in real life, I think there is a slight difference.  If I have free time later, I might edit this post to include a close up side-by-side comparison.  But I'm getting sleepie, lol.  I got this for under $3 (for 2 packets) at Beauty Headquarters, so it's pretty affordable.  I guess all the treatments with the essie nail whitening pen have worked, because my nails haven't been that yellow.  So it's a little hard to judge how effective the Orly one is.  I have one more packet that I'll probably use in a month or so.  I'm not sure how safe these are for your nails...so I'm trying to keep the whitening to a minimum.

Still more posts to come within the next few days (really dying to get caught up!)..including a quick post about the nails I currently have on.  I had received some clay canes, and couldn't wait to use them!  So I put some on my mom and myself.  I still need to get used to slicing them all thin, but I'm getting there, lol.  I just hate it when I miss and I only get 1/2 a slice or something.  But I'll explain that more in depth soon.

Probably a good time to get a tagline I can put at the end of every blog and video, eh?