Entry to 3TanjaJ3's Christmas Migi Nail Art Contest

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here's the look I created for 3TanjaJ3's contest.  I have two fingers because I thought I would try to do one short and one long, but they ended up looking the same anyway, LOL.

I wanted to post this last night, but I got too busy making a  FrankenPolish, heheh.  I'll definitely be blogging about that in the near future.  I have a few more posts before I can even get to that!

So here's the link to this video:

And the video itself:

It's another slideshow type video (I think I mentioned that in the last blog).  These are a lot easier to make and edit.  I just take a picture at every step, crop the photos, then put them in my move maker and add some music and titles.  The whole process only takes about an hour.  Supposing I have a free hour to spare!

What I Used:

Orly Nail Armor (Base Coat)
Orly: Silver Polish (will Edit Name Later)
China Glaze: Purple Panic (Neon)
Seche Vite Top Coat
Migi Nail Art Pen: Gold Glitter
Migi Nail Art Pen: Black

What I Did:

Step 1: Base Coat

Step 2: Two Coats of Purple Panic

Step 3:  Two Coats of Silver in the Shape of a Ball

Step 4: Gold Migi Nail Art Pen to draw top of Ornament

Step 5: Black Migi Nial Art Pen to draw design on Ornament

Step 5: Top Coat

I don't think I included a top coat in my video.  But I count that as more of a given.  Plus, everyone knows that a top coat is important.  If I don't use one, I usually explain.

So yup, enjoy!  More posts to follow soon.  I have a few looks plus my FrankenPolish!