Got My Migi Nail Art Pens - Finaly!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So I was pleasantly surprised to receive my Migi Nail Art Pens today.  I think I had ordered them around....the 19th of October.

I had asked for the Glitter Black and the Glitter Gold.  I had not realized that they came separately (in the picture these two came as one pen).  But no biggie...I don't have a gold nail art polish anyway.

I have some excellent ideas for some contests I'll be making entries for this week.  I plan to submit another entry to BeenaPop's Halloween Contest, an Intermediate entry to meandmymakeup's Nature Contest, and also a entry to 3TanjaJ3's Christmas Contest.  The deadlines are coming up, so I gotta work fast.  I just wasn't ready to take off my polish today because I just did them soooo cute yesterday (yes, I <3 my ladybugs!).  So I'll be dragging my feet, but I'll get them done.  I hope. =) LOL

I'm guessing that Migi only sends 2 per customer, no matter how many contests they enter?  Cuz it would definitely be cool if I got 2 per contest, LOL.  I guess I'm just being greedy!

Now, you can kind of see the order form in the back...it's approximately $30 for 8 pens, so it comes out to a little less than  $4 each.

I haven't had a chance to try them yet...even my mom's nails are still cute.  So when I start making some contest entries, I'll update you on how I like these pens.  Right now I'm thinking that they're a little pricey, but if they work as great as I've seen on some videos, I think they could be worth it.  These bottles are also kind of small, so I'm curious to see how long the product lasts.

So yup!  Very excited to try these out...will keep y'all posted!