Short Look @ Orly:Dazzle!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

One of my new purchases is this gorgeous silver polish by Orly.  I used it in my last blog for the ornament.  I tested it on my mom and I think it's a really cool polish.

First of all, it goes one super smooth.  With one coat on a basecoat, you get a pretty decent amount of polish.  On my mom's nails, I used two, and I think it just makes the color stand out more.

I haven't noticed any cons at the moment, but I didn't check to see how easily it chips.  And I can't check now, because I already have a different design on my mom, lol.

It has a very foil-like appearance.  And it's also very shiny!  I think my mom really liked how shiny it was.  It's definitely a BIG change from the matte polish, hahahhahah.

I did this very simple design because a) my mom insisted that she have design (man, have I spoiled her!), and b) I didn't want the design to over power the Dazzle.  My mom was also very insistent that I put a rhinestone...so there you have it.  My design, LOL.

So recently, I've also tried to avoid putting top coat over the rhinestones, because it makes it dull(er).  Unfortunately, with this method, the rhinestones fall off so easily.  I highly recommend putting top coat over the whole nail, rhinestones included, so that they have longer wear.  I was told that if you want rhinestones that actually stay shiny with a top coat over it, you need to use actual crystals.  I know Michaels is having a sale on their Jolie's Swarvoski Crystals (like 30% off + a coupon), but I don't think I want to spend that extra money on temporary one use stuff like this ($5 for 20 stones), when I can just buy like 1200 for $3.  Maybe I can splurge for my wedding LOL!