Pure Ice: Wild Thing Review

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I decided to check out this line from Walmart.  Pure Ice polishes are about $2 each.

The color is really nice and vivid, BUT...after I removed the polish from my fingers, they were stained bright green.  Even with a basecoat.

Soooo...let's just say I'll be only using this once every blue moon.

However, my nails did turn out pretty cute, and I got a few comments on them.  =)

I didn't do anything crazy....just made a little flower in the corner.

Here are the steps if you want them:
1. Basecoat

2. Two coats of Wild Thing

3. Five dots in a circle in dark blue (I used Nail Star)

4. One dot in white in the middle (it kind of mixed with the green, lol...that's what I get for being impatient)

5. Top coat


It could've been easily dressed up with rhinestones or whatnot, but I was going for a plain simple look. =)