Re-Moisturizing My MAC Fluidline

Thursday, September 16, 2010
Hey everyone!  So my nails are currently nakkid (*gasp*) as I'm giving them a few days break before my next Gelish manicure.  My last one (the red French tipped one) lasted about 10 days.  Not bad!  I could've made them last longer, but I was getting tired of them, so I figured I'd give my nails a break, and then figure out my next mani. =)  I'm probably going to do another french manicure of some sort, but haven't decided on colors (I only have 4!) or type.  I'll post pics when I finish them up!

In the meantime, I decided to make a post (even though there's a million of them out there) on fixing a dried up gel liner.  My friend and I were in Sephora a few days ago.  She was looking for some serum, and I was looking for a gel liner to replace the ones that dried up (I had 4! =( ).  I had finally decided on a brand, when my friend came to see how I was doing.  When I explained why I was getting a gel liner, she was like..."why don't you just add water? Everyone does that! Just google it!" (or something like that, lol).  I had never thought of doing that, so I decided to go home without buying an replacements and look it up.

As you can see from the pic above, my gel liner was REALLY dried out.  I didn't take pics of the other 3, but they were in a similar condition.  After watching a few videos on YouTube, and reading a few blogs, I decided that I wanted to use contact solution.  I know some people think that contact solution doesn't work as well as eye drops, but whatever. =P  I decided on contact solution because it's obviously safe for your eyes AND it's supposed to be moisturizing (to some extent...yes, on this score, eye drops would be better....but I didn't have any on me at that exact moment!!).  Anyhoo, so here's the solution I used.  It's AMO's Complete Moisture Easy Rub Formula.  It's a relatively new bottle...I would really hesitate at using expired contact solution.  (Expired eye drops are okay though.)

Next, I took some hand sanitizer (for this, I would recommend a non-scented one because you don't want any irritants).  I cleaned a new waxing stick with this, to kill all bacteria.  Since you're working with stuff that goes near your eyes, you want to be extremely careful as to your tools and cleanliness.

I then put in a few drops of the contact solution into my gel liner, then started mixing it.

I actually mixed this for a good amount of time because I wanted the consistency to be even.  Don't worry if you used too much contact solution...I'm pretty sure I put in too much too!

After I felt like I had gotten a pretty good even consistency, I used the stick to clean up the sides and push everything down to the bottom of the container.

What I ended up with is to the left.  As you can see, the excess contact solution was at the top.

This was easily remedied by getting a q-tip and slowly patting out all the excess fluids.

It seemed to work out pretty nicely.  However, when I tested the gel liner, the line was pretty watery.  So I decided to heat it up and let it cool, in hopes that it would lock in the moisture.

I took some boiling water, and let it cool for about 5 minutes.  Then I put the water into these little cups and stuck each gel liner into one.

Then I let this sit until the water was cool (about 10 minutes or so).

And the final result looked like this.  Now when I tested it again, it still wasn't the exactly right...if you drew a line with a brush, it was still really easy to wipe off (not how a gel liner is supposed to be!).

So I decided to let this sit overnight (closed, not open!), and test it again in the morning.

To my surprise, in the morning, the gel liner was exactly how it was supposed to be!  I'm sorry I don't have pics on the testing I did, but I think you'll see what I'm talking about if you try this.

Anyhoo, soooo the whole reason I even wanted to get my gel liners back was because I watched a YouTube video where someone used a gel liner on her waterline.  Now, I normally use a regular pencil (or a kohl pencil sometimes) on my waterline, but I find that it doesn't stay very well.  The girl (JuicyStar07) said that she dries her waterline with a cotton swab first, then applies a gel liner.  She also suggests patting on a powder shadow to set the liner.  Verrrry interesting...I wouldn't have thought to do that myself (except the powder part, lol)!  So...I haven't actually tried this just yet...but I will!  And I'll have to post back on how it went.    I'm actually a little hesitant on the part where you dry your waterline with a cotton swab.  I'm scared of fluff getting in my eyes...it's just those little strands that are so hard to get out, you know?  Well, whatever.  I'll have to buck up and try it, lol.  Be a real (wo)man.

*Yawn* Time for bed!  Till next time!

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