Gelish French Heart Manicure

Saturday, September 18, 2010
Hi Everyone! After letting my nails rest a few days, I had finally found a design I wanted to try out.  This look is based on a picture I saw online...somewhere on Coolnailart.com.  Unfortunately I don't have the link or the name of who posted it, but if you see it or it's yours, please msg me so I can give you the proper credit!

So...back to the look.  Basically it's an arrow French, with a heart drawn in where the bottom point fits in snugly to the arrow.  It's a pretty cute idea, and I thought I'd give it a try.  Unfortunately, I draw hearts with a brush like a little boy would. =/  I'm sure with more practice I'll be able to get it....maybe.

Here's the video I uploaded to YouTube (Steps are simplified):


What I Used:

Bluish Holographic Glitter
Gelish: PH Bond
Gelish: Foundation Gel
Gelish: Water Field
Gelish: Gossip Girl
Gelish: Top Seal
Beauty Headquarters Gel: White

How to create the look:
*Note: If you want to do this look in regular nail polish, ignore the gel-requirements like curing and such.

Step 1: Clean nails with alcohol
Step 2: Apply PH Bond
Step 3: Apply a thin coat of Foundation Gel (Base Coat)
Step 4: Cure for 30 sec
Step 5: Apply one coat of Base Color (I used Gelish: Water Field)
Step 6: Cure for 1 min
Step 7: Apply one coat of Tip Color in a French Arrow Tip (I used Gelish: Gossip Girl)
Step 8: Cure for 1 min
Step 9: Apply second coat of Tip Color
Step 10: Cure for 1 min
Step 11: Draw a Heart (I used BH Gel: White)
Step 11a: If you want to, you can add glitter using a thin brush on top of the white. (Optional)
Step 11b: If you want to, you can add rhinestones (I used blue ones on my right hand.)
Step 12: Cure for 2 min
Step 13: Apply Top Seal (Top Coat)
Step 14: Cure for 2 min
Step 15: Clean of tacky layer with alcohol

And voila!  You have a French Heart Manicure!  This pic to the left is my right hand.  You can see that my left hand is totally incapable of drawing a good heart, but I tried to camouflage it with rhinestones.

Now, this look takes a lot of patience...I think I spent almost 2 hours....but I was super slow!  I'm sure if I had to do it again, I could do it in a lot less time.  The part that took really long was drawing those damn hearts, lol.  I bought a brush (shown in the pic above), but I realize now that I should've bought a thinner brush that could draw thin lines easier.  But I guess it's cool.  It was my first time using that kind of gel for nail art....I think it's really hard, but the gel is kinda forgiving.  I plan to try out flowers next...I've seen a video that makes it look easy.  =)

In this pic to the right, You can see that the glitter part got a little messy on my thumb.  I fixed this by putting a layer of top seal after the French tip, but before the white hearts.  This step is optional, but I just wanted to test it to see if it worked...which it did. =)

On my middle and pinky finger, I was able to brush off the excess glitter, whereas on my thumb the glitter stuck to my tacky layer.  I should've put glitter on my right hand because it looks like the glitter camouflages the poorly shaped hearts a lot better than the rhinestones, lol.

All in all, I'm actually pretty happy with how my nails turned out.  Obviously, my next try will look a lot better...but how often do I really re-do a look?  Well, once in a blue moon...like with 3TanjaJ3's look that I've repeated like 3 times already, lol.  I may try this out with regular nail polish....which I haven't worn in over a month, lol. =) This Gelish nail polish is just more convenient to wear because of the no-chipping and stuff, even if I don't last the whole 2 weeks before WANTING to change my polish, lol.

I've actually tried out using a gel-liner on my waterline and have taken some pics...I'll post that blog up sometime next week. =)

Till next time!

1. I bought every product I'm showing by myself (nothing was sent to me for free). 
2. No one has paid me or compensated me for this video or blog.
3. I am not affiliated with any of the companies of the products I used.
4. These are my honest opinions.