Fluidline in My Waterline!

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Hi Everyone!  As promised, here are some pics and my thoughts about putting MAC's Fluidline in my waterline.

To the left, I have a pic of how my eyes looked after I had put on eye makeup (without mascara), including the gel liner in my waterline.  As suggested by JuicyStar07, I dried my waterline first, with a cotton swab.  Then, using an angled brush, I applied MAC's Blacktrack into my waterline.  Drying my waterline with a cotton swab felt a little funny at first, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I do agree that it helps the liner apply easier, and probably helps it stay on longer, so it's a good step to include.

This second pic is blurry, but this is after I applied a purple eyeshadow (the darker color of NARS's Jolie Poupee Eyeshadow Duo) over the Fluidline.  As you can see, it softened up the lower lashline, so it wasn't a harsh black line.  Plus, it's always good to set a liquid with a powder. =)

This pic to the left was taken 8 hours after application.  I know my eyes look like their facing weird directions (I feel like ALL these pics make me look like I have a lazy eye or something!)....but anyhoo, you can see that most of the waterline makeup is still there.

Yes, I know, this pic to the right is blurry, but you can see that if you're looking straight at me (and not down into my waterline), the liner is holding up pretty well. =)

Hmm...not sure why my eyes are kinda pink in all the pictures.  I don't remember them looking so pink that day....maybe it's just something the camera picked up.

Soo....in comparison, I must agree that gel-lining the waterline definitely lasts longer than just using a plain eyeliner.  Usually, I need to reapply a regular eye liner into my waterline every 4-6 hours (if I'm not being lazy, lol).  It's really annoying to have your makeup disappear (into your eyes?) after you've spent a lot of time making sure you have it they way you want.  With using a gel liner, I could apply it and forget about it, knowing that it'll stay put for at least 6-8 hours.  It applies really smoothly, though I want to get a softer brush.  My angled brush (MAC's 208) is perfect for eyebrows and applying gel liner to my top lid, but it feels a little rough when applying to my waterline.  I know MAC has a softer, albeit larger, angled brush...so I might pick one up this weekend...along with Bad Fairy (one of their 3 new nail polishes coming out for their Villainous Villains collection).  I've seen some pictures and reviews on it, and it looks fantastic!  And the guru's say that there's no dupe for it, so I'm definitely splurging the $12.50 for it. =)  I believe I'll be heading there on Sunday,  so I'll try to get it swatched that night to include with my latest nail polish haul.  I can't believe I haven't done one in FOREVER....but I haven't really bought that many since I've become preggerz.  However, I decided it was time to update my collection for the fall, and have bought quite a few polishes (8 so far, + Bad Fairy will make 9, lol).

I also have a quick and easy nail art tutorial that I'm putting together coming soon.  My nails look pretty enough for a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding this weekend.  I'm not 100% thrilled with them, because they don't look close enough to the photo I based it on....but hey, that was probably done by a professional, and I'm just a lil old amateur.  =/  Still, I can't wait to show them off at tomorrow's rehearsal. =) I'll also be following a hair tutorial to get a Taylor Swift inspired look for my hair.  I'll probably take a before and after pic for that, and post them as well.  Lots of stuff to come, it seems like!

Anyhoo....till next time!

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