Where in the world is....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hahaha, yup.  Where in the world is Emerald!!!  Well, as I may have mentioned in a previous blog or two...I'm getting married this month.  I've been so crazy busy with planning, that I haven't really had a chance to blog or make videos =( BOOOO!  So I figured I would take this chance to explain my long absence, and to tell y'all that I SHALL RETURN!....Soon....like in 4 weeks....or so....lol.

In the meantime, here are some random looks I've sported the last month....AND, some might even be cute for Valentine's day! =)

Pink French tip, with a pink glitter polish on just the tip. Plus a white flower and dots, with a purple rhinestone in the middle of each flower.

A Red French tip, with a pink glitter polish on just the tip.  Then a thin purple nail art strip in a cross shape, and a white pearl on the center of each cross.

A fading glitter french tip.  I started with the lightest color, closest to the smile line, and then faded to a darker color...and then to the darkest color, on just the very tip.

This was a fun design, but I had to put on about 4 layers of top coat to make it as smooth as it was going to get. =)

Yes, another french tip (I was totally in a frenchy mood this past month, huh? hehe).  I have a dark purple french tip, with a double cross design using white and gold.  Basically, I called this my laker's look....and of course, they won the night I did these, woot!  Since the lost today, and my nails were nakkid, I have learned my lesson and will make sure I have laker nails done up the next time they play a tough opponent! LOL

I know...I know...another french tip.  But this one is special.  One of my closes friends, Mimi, got this for me for my birthday.  It's OPI's Too Good for Him. =)  Basically, I did a french tip with a lavender nail polish, then put on about....3 coats of Too Good for Him.  One coat would've been fine for a light glitter effect, but I really wanted it to stand out.

Yes, this is my messily done right hand.  I accidently messed up the left hand because I handled some stuff w/o letting it dry.  Oops. =/

This is more of a swatch, although I did wear the nail polish out like this.  This is OPI's Alpine...a matte polish.  I was actually kinda disappointed in this polish.  I had to put on 3 coats to get almost even coverage (as shown to the right...).  I had hoped it would look like putting white out on your nails (like I used to do when I was a kid...teehee).  I suppose it's not bad....

Here's that same matte white, but with a red and pink double-cross design.  I had expected more..?  I didn't like the way it turned out.  Maybe I should've jused did a french tip >.< LOL.

As you can see, I have been trying out quite a few looks, trying to find the perfect valentine's day one (considering I'm getting married that day....lol).

I have lots more to do...but I just thought I'd use this 45 min break between obligations to blog, =).   Hopefully in about a month, I'll be back to blogging at least once a week!  Take care everyone, and have an AWESOME Valentine's Day!!

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