Omg, it's been awhile!

Thursday, January 14, 2010
I'm soooo sorry I haven't been posting/uploading the last couple weeks.  I've just been super busy with everything!  Hopefully I can start posting once a week again once this whole wedding thing is done!

Last Sunday we took engagement pictures.  This look to the left is what I decided to do with my nails for them.  I thought a classic French Manicure was what I was going to do...but then I thought it looked a little....to simple for me.  So I spruced it up w/ an elegant black stripe and some glitter.  I ended up breaking a nail about....an hour before the shoot, but luckily I found the nail and was able to glue it back on.  And then an hour AFTER the shoot, I broke it again and I couldn't find it after that.  THANK goodness I had the nail for the pictures...I was seriously having a heart attack!

Here's a shot of my makeup.  Yes, I'm wearing a Lakers jersey, but that's not the main outfit for our engagement pictures, don't worry!  LOL!  I got my makeup done at M*A*C.  I told Tatianna that I wanted a fresh, dewy finish, with natural eyes.  It's really tough to see the eye makeup in this picture, but I can attest that it was done perfectly.  I don't know why my nose looks ginormous in this picture (cuz seriously, I have a cute little nose! hehe), but the rest of my makeup is fun and fresh.  The only thing that I had concerns about was that I don't usually wear a color this dark...I always go one shade lighter.  I think it's an asian thing, lol.  I also got some cute falsies that look natural.  Well, at least I hope they look natural.  LOL

I won't be seeing the pictures for a bit, but I'm totally excited to see how the rest turned out!!!  Here's a random shot of my hair....I hope it didn't randomly part like that in the middle for the shots!  I decided against wearing my long extensions because I had a look in mind where my hair was about the perfect length.  Unfortunately I didn't take into account how short my bangs were.  So the stylist had to adjust the front...and while it looked nice in the end, it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  However, my hubby-to-be was totally awesome and said that my hair looked very Rihanna-ish.  That made me feel so much better!  Plus I got so many compliments on my hair (and makeup) while getting my makeup done.  I was like..I wish I could take credit, lol.

When I get some free time, I do have one quick & easy nail design, plus I totally should do some swatches!  A new beauty supply store opened up near me, so I totally will have to check it out!!! =)

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