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Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Hey blog readers, another update from yours truly!  I know I said I would be back around March, after the craziness of the wedding, but things have been quite hectic around here!  First off, lemme tell ya...the wedding was exactly how I imagined it, and I had such an awesome time!  Thanks to everyone who came!  The reception was crazy, but we managed to scramble by, and we're glad that everything is over and we can move on with our lives!!

Look at the guys in the picture...it's like they're scared to stand closer together!!  But you can tell all the women are good friends...we're all nice and close...hehehe.

So anyhoo, after we got married, I had to move into his place (I have traditional parents who would have frowned upon moving in earlier....), and that took a lot of time and energy.  Technically, I still have a bunch of stuff at my parents' house, but I'll work on that when I start to feel better, lol.  Feel better from what, you ask?  When this stupid morning sickness ends!!  Yes, I'm pregnant...ALREADY.  The curse of marriage is that birth control seems to fail when you finally say "I Do"...as can be attested by a couple other friends of mine who also got a surprise wedding baby.  So now most of my days are spent in bed, feeling nauseous, and disliking a lot of food I normally love.  Like Coke...and onions.  And this baby who used to love ice cream everyday, decided that he doesn't want ice cream anymore..he wants popsicles.  *Sigh*

Anyhoo, here's a pic of what my final decision was for Valentine's day.  I keep using this design, but it's just so pretty!  In case you're new, this design was inspired by 3TanjaJ3's New Year Eve's look.  I've worn this 3 times now: NYE, Engagement Pics, and now the Wedding/Valentine's Day.  I'll probably keep sporting this in different color combinations later on.

For the reception, I just had a plain french manicure.  I got my nails done at the place I used to go before I got into my nail design kick.  They did a pretty decent job, but I didn't bother getting any designs.  At this point, I was just really stressed out with all the wedding planning, and I just wanted an hour to just not think.  My mom got annoyed at me because she spent an extra $2 for the spa pedicure for me.  Hehehe, I couldn't resist.  Come on!  I was about to get married!  Wait, no...I was about to spend a stressful day...doing all the traditional stuff.  Tea ceremony and what-not, the pictures, then the traditional Chinese reception.  Of which, I ate like 2 bites of food in between changing twice and having lots of stuff to do.  At least I got to try the cake...

Well, anyhoo, I mention this because a week after I got my nails done, about....8 of them broke.  I have no idea what they used at the nail place, but my nails obviously did not like them!!  However, with my baby hormones, I have regrown most of my nails...just my pointer fingers both keep on cracking.   =( Bleh!  Maybe in another month they'll all be even again, lol.  So that's one reason I haven't been making videos or blogging.  Although I did get a request for a short nail look...

The other reason I haven't really done any looks is because I really can't stand the smell of nail polish remover right now...so, in the interim, I've decided to grab my fake fingers and do some looks on there for now.  They're still at my parents' house...along with the majority of my nail polish collection.  Maybe I should keep doing the videos there...the lighting is definitely better...plus like 75% of my stuff is there, hehe.

Here's a quick swatch of Zoya's Midori.  It was one of the free polishes from Black Friday.  I haven't had a chance to wear this till right before the wedding.  I can tell because my nails still look beautiful and long, lol.

The color looks pretty close to what's in the bottle.  It has a sheen, but I still prefer it with a top coat.  (This is pictured without a top coat.)

I believe this stayed on for about 5 days before chipping.  But keep in mind, I didn't use the Zoya base coat or top coat.  Supposedly, using their whole system, your polish should last for about 10 days.  I vaguely remember trying to test this, but I got bored of my color and changed it before it chipped, lol.

Here's a couple pictures of me trying out the nail polish from Claire's Accessories  I read on someone's blog (sorry I can't remember who!!) that they tried this "mood nail polish" from Claire's Accessories, so I (of course) ran to the mall to pick some up.  Here's one of the more dramatic ones.  Pictured to the left is how it looks when you're cold...it's a greyish color.  And pictured to the right is how it looks when you're hot, which is a peachy color.  If you're in cool weather, it looks really awesome...like a french manicure. =)  You can kinda see it on my thumb in the hot pictures.

I know it says "mood" nail polish, but I have no clue what mood would be cold or hot. LOL  As for the nail polish itself, it's not too great.  I wore it with Nailtek and Seche Vite.  Without Seche Vite, it would've been pretty much a matte nail polish.  But, even with everything, the nail polish chipped really easily!  I probably wore it for 3 days tops.  During my avoidance of nail polish remover, I actually noticed that 2 of the nails lasted for 10 days, so it does have potential.

I'll try to keep up with the designs soon.  I'm at 12 weeks, so the morning sickness should be subsiding any day now....

And here's a quick look at my wedding makeup:

I hired this makeup company called Susie Chhuor, and had my makeup done by Sunny.  She had such an awesome upbeat personality, and she did my makeup beautifully!  I was extremely happy with it.  (I do have a before and after pic...but I don't like how I look without makeup! All those dark circles...)

This is pretty close to how I had my hair on the actual day...though you can't really see in the first picture.  I love getting my hair and makeup done!  What girly-girl doesn't? =)

So, yup....this was a super long blog...which is what happens when I disappear for so long!  Take care, and I promise to have another post soon!

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