Nail Art Craze

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So I've been pretty bored recently...and started watching How-to's on YouTube. So now, I've stocked up on some nail supplies and have started ACTUALLY doing my own nails for once! I'll start posting pics. So far I haven't straight up copied a design, but if I do, I'll make sure to give the owner credit.

This picture to the left is just a very simple black French manicure with a light pinkish/purplish stripe below it. When I did this, I didn't have my supplies yet, so I had to work with what I had laying around.

Stuff I used:
The black polish is Sally Girl in Poser.
The pinkish stripe polish is Nail Art by Nubar in A146.
The top coat is Orly Glosser.

I know I should use a base coat, especially since I was using black nail polish, but I just did this on a whim (while playing World of Warcraft as you can tell by my monitor). So if you want to do something like this, I suggest any base coat.

Then I just used the black nail polish on the tips. I tried to get it as close to my natural nail line as I could, but not worrying too much because I knew I was going to cover it up. I put on two coats and let that dry for about 10 minutes. (Probably could've gotten away with 5, but like I said, I was playing WoW, lol.)

Afterwards, I used the pink nail polish. This comes in a skinny bottle with a really long, thin brush. I carefully drew a thin line just below the tip to just cover up any imperfections. I let this dry for another few minutes while my group killed a boss.

And lastly, I just tossed on one coat of the Glosser. Personally, I love this top coat. It has a really nice shine and doesn't chip too easily. =)

And there you have it, a black French mani. More to follow. (A few with the same posting date, but only because I did a few manis before I decided to blog about it!) Hopefully in the future I'll have better pictures!