MAC Zoom Lash Mascara Pics

Saturday, June 23, 2012
Hi Everyone! I just picked up a couple tubes of the new MAC 'Beth Ditto' Zoom Lash Mascara: Blue & Burgundy.  I absolutely love them and I plan to go back and get the Plum & Black next time I get paid, hahahah. =)

In this pic, I'm wearing the blue mascara (and in case you're wondering what else is on my eyes, tokidoki pink from the adios palette, Sephora blue metallic liner up top, and Sephora silver liner on the bottom).  I have two coats of the mascara, and I absolutely love how it makes my eyelashes look so much longer and curls without needing a curler.  I mean..you can see my lower lashes (which are normally invisible) pretty clearly in the pic (as clear as it gets, lol).  And you can actually see the blue-ness.  I always dig having colored eyelashes...

Now I'm not sure how much you can actually see the Burgundy color in the pic to the right.  Ugh, I can see my puffy eyes, hahaha.  I noticed my right one was super puffy today, but some gentle patting has helped a little.  In this pic, I'm wearing light pink, pink, and light purple on my eyelids (from the 88 shimmer palette), MAC's navy eyeliner (the mechanical kind) on the upper lid, and Victoria's Secret's purple glitter eyeliner on the lower lid.  I then added two coats of the Burgundy Zoom Lash. 

Like I said, I really like these mascaras and I've gotten loads of compliments on the blue one.  I think the Burgundy is a little more subtle and harder to notice, so no one's said anything yet.  But the day is still young...LOL.

Random notes (yes, this isn't a full review...there's loads of them out there.  This is more my personal opinion of the mascara.): It applies pretty well, and doesn't clump.  I feel like one coat isn't enough...but two makes my lashes look longer and fuller.  I don't usually wear mascara everyday (eyeliner is my absolute "won't walk out the door without" makeup), but since I've gotten these, I've really enjoyed applying it almost everyday.  Would I recommend it?  Absolutely.  I got mine at the MAC store, and they run about $15 each, which IMO is well worth the price.  I don't know the rules of how long to keep mascara, but I usually go through a tube (if I were it often) every 3-4 months.  Maybe I should stock up, in case they take these away? 

Till next time!