Kat Von D - Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick Review

Friday, June 1, 2012
Hi Everyone! So I decided to start off with a review of Kat Von D's Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick (in Berlin).  I have used it a couple of times, and I think it's a pretty good product.  Check out Exhibit A (aka the photo on the left), this is one hour after I had applied the lipstick. 

Let me back up, first of all, this is a lip product that's supposed to stay on your lips and not everything your lips touch.  If your SO is anything like my hubby, I'm not allowed to kiss him if I've got a lipful of gloss or lipstick or anything.  Until now (insert dramatic music here).  I've tried a few lip products that claim it won't "kiss off", but none of them had worked for me.  They either kissed off, or made my lips so dry, it would peel off.  Thiis product does neither, so I consider it a star!

When you first apply the product to your lips, it glides on smoothly, and the applicator is small enough to get into the corners of your lips easily (without creating a big fat mess!).  Next, I kept my mouth ajar for about 3 minutes (you probably don't need to do it THAT long, but it's not like the product feels dry or anything, so it's hard to tell when it sets!).  I gently tested out my lips with my fingers and was happy to see that there was no lipstick on them. I let them set (with my mouth closed this time! hehehe) while I made lunch for the day, and probably all the way to work (in LA traffic...so 45 minutes?).  When I got settled into work, I took a quick pic, so I could show you how it looked after the first hour.

Check out Exhibit B (the pic on the right).  This pic was taken approximately 4 hours after application.  Notice that it still looks the same.  Lips didn't feel dry at all (not necessarily moisterized either, though).  During this time, I had some breakfast (toast and a Diet Coke - breakfast of champions) and a snack (little container full of cheerios).  Glad to see that nothing came off on my drink. =)

Next we have Exhibit C (this pic on the left).  I know I don't have the best quality pics of this, but I think you can see that some of the lipstick has peeled off.  At this point, I had worn the liquid lipstick for over 8 hours.  For the most part, I think this product did what I needed for the day: stay on my lips and not things I kiss/drink, and not make my lips feel super dry.  When I gently blotted my lips with a napkin, there was no smudging or transferrence to the napkin.  However, I noticed that when I blew my nose, I unintentionally rubbed my lips a little, and a little bit of the lipstick came off.

I guess you'll just have to be mindful that you ARE wearing lipstick, although you don't need to reapply it ever 2 seconds. =)

Pros: Long-Lasting (almost 8 hours! - pretty darn good for a lipstick!); Pretty Color, Doesn't dry out lips

Cons: A little pricey ($19 @ Sephora for a small tube), only available (atm) in 6 colors.

Would I recommend?  Of course...I haven't really found anything that works as well as this.  I'm tempted to try the look in the ad, where you paint the top lip red and the bottom lip pink.  If you use a regular lipstick, this wouldn't work out too well, because it would just smudge over each other.  However, with this liquid lipstick, I think it could work out nicely.  I'll post a pic if I try it out.  A friend told me it's weird to have two color lips like that...hehehe.

Till next time!

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