Kaviar Mani

Sunday, May 13, 2012
Hi Everyone! Yes yes, I know...I have that 31 Day Challenge hanging over my head....but I couldn't help it.  I've been craving to try this since I got my weekly email from Sephora.  No...this is not the Ciate Caviar Manicure Kit.  This is just some plain old (okay, like an FX) polish, and some microbeads I had bought a couple years back.  In fact, I've used them in my Summer Flower mani.  Of course, I didn't cover the entire nail, but still...microbeads are not a new thing in the nail world.  It's just now been made mainstream!  And, as with all other random nail fads, I wanted to check it out. =)

So...I've been hounding my local Sephora, and they haven't gotten the Ciate kit in...they're telling me it will be next week, but we'll see.  Online, it shows that they're the only local store to have it in stock!  Don't you get the feeling that the employees are hiding them for themselves...?  Just a suspicion, hnahaha.

Anyhoo, so in the meantime, I decided to bust out my old microbeads.  I think the whole set of 8 colors was maybe $5 or $6.  Obviously this is significantly less than the Ciate version, but (judging from the picture) you get more beads with Ciate?  I guess I'll find out when I eventually get it...if I get it...I'm sure I want it...must justify....nevermind.  I'll argue with myself later, lol.

Okay, so, here in these pics, I'm wearing Orly's Out of this World (an FX polish).  It's a purple-ish green-ish base with purple shimmer. I think it's a pretty cool color, although not entirely work appropriate!  But then again, that hasn't stopped me...I shall desist only when asked.  =)

I don't even remember where I got my beads from, but it came with a bunch of colors.  Basically I just put on 3 coats of Out of this World to make sure the beads have something to stick to, then dropped and pressed on the blue beads.  After I put away the blue beads, I added purple beads to give it another dimension.

The main problem I faced was that the nail polish dried too quickly to get all the beads stuck on well.  I would have to keep adding more beads to the nail and push them in (like 4-5 beads @ a time after the main bunch).  After, getting all the beads on, my next problem was with the top coat.  I used Seche Vite.  On my left hand, I glopped it on, to make sure the beads would stick.  However, it looks kinda weird.  I know the pic is semi-blurry, but you can see how the beads almost look like their in a gel or something?  Where as the pic above, you can clearly see each bead.  Yeah...which was the look I was going for...

So on my right hand I just used a thin layer of top coat, and was able to get the look I wanted...however, beads are falling out at an alarming rate.  I'm missing more than 11...which isn't too noticeable from a normal glancing distance, but annoying to me, because I can see where they're missing.  Grrr...

So....basically I'm planning to try the Ciate kit, and compare to this cheaper method.  Supposedly the Ciate base color is a more sticky formula, that you can really stick the beads to.  Hopefully they'll have it in stock at Sephora later this week...and maybe w/ a tester?  I would prefer to try before I buy...hahaha.

I still need to get stripes out...bah! Lol

Till next time!

1. I bought every product I'm showing by myself (nothing was sent to me for free).
2. No one has paid me or compensated me for this video or blog.
3. I am not affiliated with any of the companies of the products I used.
4. These are my honest opinions.


Jenny Neb said...

I just began using Gelish and love..I'm wondering if you have maybe tried the caviar with the LED/UV systems and had any luck?

Emerald Yeo said...

@Jenny I haven't tried the Kaviar with Gelish yet, but I think it would definitely be cool to try. I think I'll try to test it out after my job interview next week!