Day 2 - Orange

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Hey everyone!  Hope you gals had a fantastic weekend.  Of course I'm falling behind already with the challenge, but I'll do what i can. =)

To the left, we have a very beautiful orange.  It's from Orly, and I picked it up from Ulta.  I don't have the name, but I'll try to update when I do. =)

Anyhoo, it's a pretty orange base with a golden sparkle to it.  The picture doesn't do it justice!!

Since I'm taking the polish off just about every day (or every other day), I haven't taken the time to do a design.  Later on patterns will be coming, so I'm not too worried.

Tomorrow is Yellow, but I left my new yellow polish at home (staying at my mom's ).  Plus I'm going to SF this weekend...not sure how much time I'll have to change polishes, but I'll try, lol.

At least this is motivating me to post more often, which is what EmeraldSparkled said as well, hahahaha. =) I just saw her yellow post...

Anyhoo, till next time! (Hopefully tomorrow!)