31 Day Challenge - Day 1: Red

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hi Everyone!!  I know it's been longer than expected, but I'm making a conscious effort to keep up as best as I can with work/baby/sleep, lol.

So, if you follow other nail blogs, you might have noticed a 31 Day Manicure Challenge.  I actually saw it on EmeraldSparkled's blog, and I decided to give it a go.  I believe she's on Day 3 or so,  and I know there are others up to Day 18 or so, so far, lol.  Although I will *try* to do one mani per day, we all know that isn't always possible.

I know I've promised some reviews, and I do plan to get to them in the near future.  Hopefully I get at least one Halloween look out too this year! =)

Here's to Day 1 - Red!  I decided to with my favorite red polish: OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress.  I'm sorry it's a plain boring manicure, but as soon as I got two coats on, I was rushing after TnT, lol.  Gotta dig up some oj polish for tomorrow, hehe.

If you do decided to do the challenge, leave a comment!  I'd love to see pics or even a comment letting me know that someone was inspired as well, lol.

Till next time!