Pikachu Nails @ Anime Expo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
 Hi Everyone!  I know it's been awhile since my last post, but I do have stuff to blog about soon. =)  I Just wanted to share a quick look I did for Anime Expo for the 4th of July weekend here in LA.

It kinda goes with a whole Pokemon theme...

My mom made my darling a little Pikachu outfit...so I made him a Pikachu amigurumi...and then decided to do this look on my nails, just to complete the theme.  No, I did not dress up as a trainer...I didn't really have time to put anything together...maybe next year. LOL  I already have votes for Squirtle next >.<.
Recently, I've been taking a break from nail art and stuff...I've been making these crochet amigurumis like this Pikachu.  I've made quite a few...and they are quite time consuming.  **Update 4/13/2012 - To give some creditz where they are due, here's the pattern I used for this Pikachu: http://freeamigurumipatterns.blogspot.com/2009/06/pokemon-pikachu-how-cute.html . =)

I basically have to squeeze in time when the baby is napping or when someone else is keeping an eye on the baby.

Now, I'm kinda taking a break from that to just relax (and job hunt!).

And here's a look at TnT:

Isn't he the cutest?!?

Anyhoo...back to the nails!

What I used:
Nail Star: Yellow
Nail Star: Black
Nail Star: White
Red Circle Rhinestones
Red Heart Rhinestones
Seche Recondition (Base Coat)
Seche Vite (Top Coat)

What I Did:
Step 1: Base Coat
Step 2: Created a French Tip on every nail (except ring finger) using Nail Star: Yellow (Brush Tip). On the ring finger, I covered the whole nail.
Step 3: Second coat of Nail Star: Yellow.
Step 4: Using Nail Star: Black (Pen tip), I made little black dots along the smile line. On the ring finger, I made a Pikachu face: Two dots for eyes, and a little wide "W" for the mouth.
Step 5: Using Nail Star: White (Pen tip), I added two dots to the corner of the eyes.
Step 6: Top Coat
Step 7: On ring finger, I added Red Circle rhinestones as Pikachu's cheeks.  This is optional...you can get the same look using a red polish and a dotting tool.  On the thumb, I added a Red Heart rhinestone.

I haven't used regular nail polish in a while.  I actually threw a one coat of a purple polish from Zoya to shoot a crochet video, and removed that for this look.  Of course, after being spoiled by Gelish, I was quite disappointed when it started chipping after 3 days. =(  It's one week later, and I actually have 3 perfect nails on my left hand...with just the minimum of wear and tear at the tips.  Maybe I was just too hard on them?

It feels nice to do a cutesy design again, lol.  What's my favorite Pokemon?  Well, I have a tattoo of a Luxray, but my new favorite is a Snivy, lol.  Or maybe a Petilil?  Must collect them all! Hahahah

In the future, I do have two reviews planned.  One for my LASIK.  Yes, I got Lasik <3! And one for a hair treatment. =) Stay tuned!

Till Next Time!


Lavender said...

Is there a pattern for the pikachu amigurumi?

Princess Tea said...

@Lavender Hi Hi! Here's a link to the pattern I used: http://freeamigurumipatterns.blogspot.com/2009/06/pokemon-pikachu-how-cute.html

I should've given her credit in my blog...will update it! Hope this is what you're looking for!