Bioken Antiruff Review

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Hi Everyone! I hope you're all doing well. =)  I know I usually put something more blog related as my first pic, but unfortunately, I don't really have any pics for this one! LOL  So here's a cute picture of my hubby and little baby (who is now 8 months!!).

Anyhoo, I know in my last post I mentioned I will be reviewing my whole LASIK experience soon.  I'm still not ready yet...I'm still healing and I have my next check up in 2 weeks.  Sooo....that will be on hold for a little bit.  In the meantime, I wanted to review this product I just happened to come across while browsing the web.

This product is called Anitruff, created by Bioken (picture copied from ShearUp.com's website).  As you might be able to tell by the name, it's a product designed to get rid of dandruff.  Now I know it's kinda an eww topic, but I thought I might share this review in case there are any persons with a similar problem that might be looking for a product to try.

So here's my scalp story: I have mild dandruff that never seems to completely go away.  It's worse in the winter, and much better during the summer.  Anyhoo, I didn't take any "before" pics, so I didn't bother with any "after" pics.

Enough about me, let's move onto the product!  I ordered Antiruff from ShearUp.com (as of today, I just checked and it's actually $34.95 instead of the $39.99).  Antiruff is a "Dandruff Toner".  According to the directions, you apply this directly to your scalp once or twice a day, and massage it for 3 minutes.  They also recommend that you use it right after you shampoo your hair.  The very first time I used it, I had just towel-dried my hair.  I tried pumping some onto my fingers to spread through my scalp, but I found that pumping it directly on the scalp worked a lot better (which is what they recommended, if only I read the directions thoroughly  LOL).  Right after i applied the toner, I could feel my scalp tingle.  It is definitely NOT a burning sensation...more like a cool minty feeling.  After massaging for 3 minutes, I left my hair/scalp alone and went on with my day.  I can say that my scalp tingled for about 25 minutes.  I noticed right away that my scalp wasn't itchy (yes, I'm plagued with that damn itchy scalp!).  I reapplied Antiruff that night, and saw a noticeable difference the next day.  Normally, after I wake up the day after I wash my hair, I begin to get some flakes...and even more the next day, which is the day I wash my hair again.  I applied it twice on the second day, and noticed on the third day that my scalp still had very little flakes.

After about a week of using it twice a day, my scalp felt great...it hardly ever itched and you really couldn't see any flakes.  I was pretty surprised the product worked so well and so fast.  At this point, I decided to cut down to once a day, and my scalp still maintained its great condition.

So...after about another week, I started to get lazy...only using it about 3 times a week.  I noticed that my scalp would get itchy after 2 days or so of not using the product.  I don't think I noticed any flakes during this time, but the itchy scalp still bugged me!

After about a month of using the product, I left it at my mom's, and kept forgetting to bring it home.  So...I actually stopped using it for 2 weeks.  After the first week, my scalp was super itchy again, and although I didn't have as much flakes as before, I did notice that I was getting them again.  After the second week, my scalp was not quite where it was when I started, but getting pretty close.  So I decided to get back to using the product.  The instant I used it again, it was like instant relief for the itchiness.  I decided to just use it every other day, right after I wash my hair, and that system seems to work for me.  I've also been lazy in not massaging it in for 3 minutes.  I just work it into my scalp and let it be. =)

Some answers to questions you might have: The product has a light minty/tea tree oil smell.  It has a water-like consistency, and is clear.  When you apply it, it does "wet" your hair and may feel a little oily at first, but it dries up pretty quickly and your hair returns to normal within 15 minutes.  Would I recommend this product?  Hellz yeah...although I do want to test it out longer to see the long-term effects.

Pros: It works. It doesn't smell bad (though that's subjective...).  It WORKS! Lol One bottle goes a long way (After 2 months, I still have more than 1/2 the bottle left.).  Oh yeah, it really does work! =)

Cons: It's kinda pricey...$39.99 is the regular price.  You have to keep using it for continued effects.  The smell can be a little strong to some people with a sensitive nose.

I hope this review helped...I know it's a weird topic and all, and I'm a little out of my comfort zone.  But hopefully some of you found the info useful. =)  If you've used this product, let me know how your experience was!

Things I will blog about soon: my LASIK, and MINX!  I've ordered some and can't wait to try them out!

Till next time!

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