Ciate Chalkboard Nails Review

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Hi Everyone!

Time for another review...does it seem like that's all I do these days?  Well...it's almost all I have time for.  I hardly have time to do my own nails, let alone come up with a design! LOL

Anyhoo, if you're following the scene, you'll know that Ciate came out with a Chalkboard Nail kit.  I got mine from Sephora, and it came with a Chalkboard polish and 4 Chalk Pens, along with a matte topcoat.  I tried it on one nail at the store and was super excited to buy it and try it at home.  Unfortunately, I was very disappointed.

So...what your'e supposed to do is put on 2 coats of the black Chalkboard polish and let it dry completely.  then, you can use the pens to decorate your nails however you want.  I drew hearts and mustaches (in case you couldn't tell what those were, lol).  I let that dry, and put on a layer of the matte topcoat to "seal in my design".  As pictured, it looks pretty cool, right?  I was pretty satisfied with my kit at this point.  However, the next day...I did the dishes (yes yes, again without gloves), and bam....all 10 of my nails were chipped.  I mean, i wasn't rough or anything...it was just dishes!!!  The Ciate Velvet nails did fine through multiple rounds of doing dishes!!!  But alas, this is what I ended up with:
Sooo sad and disappointed.  Looking at the way the nails chipped, I'm not sure how much gloves would have really helped.  So yes, to me the Chalkboard kit is a bummer.

It's a cute idea
Easy to do lots of designs with the pens

It's not cheap ($25ish)
It chips easily

At this point, I threw in the towel...but if anyone else has tried it with better results, please comment!  I'm sure my experience isn't shared by everyone...or this kit would have totally flopped.  I think I also had high expectations after my experience with the Velvet nails kit.  

Currently I took the plunge and am now sporting some stiletto nails!  Yes, I know I hardly ever do acrylics...but I couldn't resist.  And now, as I suffer through typing w/ these claws, I'm okay with it...only because I didn't get them as long as I should have.  I think proper stiletto nails should be at least an inch past the nailbed.  Mine are more like 1/2 an inch.  I'll have another post coming up soon, and I'll have pics and another review, lol. =)  And don't think I forgot about the Flash n Go.  I have an embarrassing before pic, and a good after pic. =)  So many reviews, so little time!

Anyhoo, till next time!!

1. I bought the Ciate Chalkboard Nail kit with my own money.
2. I am not affiliated with Ciate or Sephora.
3. I was not paid to write this blog.
4. These are my honest opinions.