Moving! & Beauty Blender Dupe Mini Review

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Hi Everyone!  I know, I know...shocking!  Another blog already!?!

So yes, as the title of the blog states, I am moving.  It's a little bittersweet because I'll be moving away from my beloved Los Angeles, but I'm moving for a good career path.  *Sigh*, the sacrifices! LOL  For safety reasons, I will be vague, but I will be moving to Phoenix!  I know Phoenix is big, but who knows...you might be able to find the one azn girl running around...hahaha.

Anyhoo, so the point is, I may have some free time in the near future to upload more videos and more posts.  I feel bad that I have quite a few new subscribers on YT, yet I haven't posted a video in over a year.  How embarrassing!!!  I will have to make a nice tutorial when I have some time to spare.  Hopefully my new place will have some bomb lighting, so I can shoot a great video. One of my issues has always been lighting for my videos and pictures. =/

Moving on to the mini-review!

So...many of you have probably seen something like this sponge at Sephora.  The Sephora version is called BeautyBlender and is pink.  It's also like $20+ !?!  So I, being the economical girl I am, decided to look for a dupe.  I know that there are some dupes at Ulta and other places, but I actually found one for $2.  Go me. Hehehe  Caveat: I had to buy 10, LOL.  So I spent $20, but I got 10...I gave a bunch away before I even tried using the product.  But then (dun dun dun...), I used it.  I didn't actually do any research on how to use it...just decided to swipe it in some powder foundation, and then put it on.  It was terrible!  It put WAAAAY too much makeup on.  I was like, "Omg, what is up with this?  Why do people rave about it?"  Seriously, wtf?  Oh yeah...Maybe I should read/watch the how-tos first?

So...what I did wrong:  I did not get the sponge damp first!  A pretty informative video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh0eyzzkViI&list=HL1363207161

My bad.  So I was kinda bored, going through random YT videos (mostly suggested ones), and one of them was a BeautyBlender v Ulta Dupe (I think by LePooke), which caught my eye...and then a light bulb clicked on.  It is super important to soak up a bunch of water into the sponge, and then wring it out.  Then pat/wring in a towel.  The pic above shows the difference between a wet sponge (left) and a dry one (right).  As you can see, the wet one is almost double the size of the dry one.  This makes the difference between too much makeup and a flawless finish.

The main reason you should soak a sponge in water first is because that way it won't absorb as much of your makeup into it.  But it also makes the pores in the sponge bigger (or something) so when you apply your makeup, it's less dense.  Does that make sense?  Ooooh, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it! Hahahah

Seriously though, I definitely recommend trying this product.  For personal reasons, I am not linking the site where I got my sponges from, but I'm sure they are easy to find.  Since I never tried out the BeautyBlender or the Ulta dupe, I have nothing to compare this to.  Sorry if this review seems all over the place...I just kinda wrote as I thought vs organizing my thoughts first and then write. =)

I don't plan to count this as my "April" post, but in case I get too busy with my move, hopefully this will tide you over.  Till next time!!

1. I bought the sponge with my own money.
2. I am not affiliated with any of the companies I mentioned nor the company I bought the sponge from.
3. No one paid me for this review.
4. These are my honest opinions.