31 Day Challenge - Day 17: Glitter

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Hey Everyone!  This will probably be my last post of the 31 day challenge.  As most of you know, I have taken over a year to get to Day 17, and I can tell you, I am not feeling very inspired at the moment.  I actually had done this look a couple months back and had started the post, but never finished it.  I figured I would go ahead and at least update y'all with what I'm doing and what I have planned for 2013.

Similarly to Day 15, I am wearing OPI's Yodel Me On My Cell on my tips, with China Glaze's Shooting Stars on top.  I had applied both with a sponge, and faded it as I got higher (or is it lower) on my tips.  Then, on my ring fingers, I added this polish that had butterfly glitter in pinks & blues.  I actually liked the way this turned out, which is a nice change considering I haven't liked the last few looks I sported. =)

Sooo, a quick update on where I am in my life.  I am sorry I haven't been posting as much as I would like.  Every year, I make a resolution that I would like to have more blog posts.  And I do try...but I will try harder this year.  Especially since I'm setting more realistic goals (more on that in a few).  My little one is now 2 years old (crazy, isn't it?).  Here's a pic from his birthday in November:
Excuse the fact that I have bare nails!  I had so many things to do to prep, and didn't have time to do them.  Soon after I had taken the pic of my nails (above), my nails started getting all weak and kept breaking.  It has taken me this long to grow out a decent set of nails...and then I went and got them done up with some gel polish at a local salon.  That will also be a future post! LOL

Anyhoo, so I've pretty much been working full-time for about a year, and I had spent countless overtime hours trying to finish up projects.  At least for now, everything has settled for a bit, and I will hopefully have more time for posts.  I will be celebrating my 3rd wedding anniversary next week! Feels like forever to me...but, then again, we dated for 9 years before tying the knot, lol.  Regardless, I feel super happy and blessed that my life is finally on track and going well. =)

Soooo...plans for 2013.  I am going to start with the realistic goal of blogging at least once a month.  I know this is a little late, but I will count this as my January blog. =)  I think there is no excuse not to have 12 blogs up by December.  Ideally, I would like to go more often than that, but let me just start w/ this for now. =) LOL  I also plan to put my name in for the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon in October.  It will be my first time trying anything crazy like 13 miles, and I plan to start training soon.  As soon as my treadmill has some space in the garage, lol.  I also have plans for my online store (http://teacraft.storenvy.com), to try to make it a good side business.  At the moment, I am just selling perlers, squshies, and plushies, but I want to maybe expand to polymer clay charms or even resin charms.

So yeah, I have lots of things to keep me busy!  But, I will try to keep up with blog this year.  For sure.  I promise!  =)  I am also on Pinterest, and will be building up a nice board on cool nail art.  If you want to follow me, my username is MiniTeaBaby. =)  I don't think I've actually spoken about my Lasik experience, and I also need to talk about the Flash N Go.

Blah, I'm babbling.  So yes! Till next time!

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