31 Day Challenge - Day 3: Yellow

Thursday, April 12, 2012
OMG, where did the time go?  I just checked my poor, neglected blog, and what do I see? I haven't updated it since my vacay in OCTOBER.  Geez, just shoot me, lol.  So here's a beautiful yellow, that I took a picture of MONTHS ago.  It's from Orly, and there isn't a name on my bottle, unfortunately.  I got the tiny mini bottle from Ulta, and figured it would be a cool color for the challenge.

I can't remember much about the polish except that I didn't like it too much, hahaha.  This is what I get for procrastinating my blog.  As some semi-excuses: first I had to prep for my son's first bday, then Thanksgiving came around (sister-in-law wanted to cook turkey......though that didn't work out cuz our oven broke!), after that the holidays which had all these plans attached, my birthday (which was spent @ Disneyland! Hehe), Valentine's Day (aka my anni), a Vegas trip, and then I started working.  So it wasn't like I was just sitting around on my bum, watching the baby...at least the whole time, haahaha.  But I do apologize for being so inconsistent.  I will *try* to do better, and I have a few ideas on future blogs. =)

Here's the challenge...since I'm sure you've all fogotten about it by now! LOL
So sad...this is just Day 3, haahahah. The good thing is that I have Day 4 and 5 almost ready to go...

Till next time!