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Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to give y'all an update.  I was doing SOOOO well, with tons of posts...and then I broke 4 nails. =(  I had decidec to give my nails a break and let them be completely bare for a few days.  And then it happened: one nail broke; and then another; and then another...

My nails are so weak, I think I need to keep at least a moisterizing base coat on them, even if I'm not weaing polish to keep their strength up.  I've already decided on how I wanted to do my animal print nails, and I think I can still pull them off because my ring finger on my left hand is still nice and long.  Well, technically both ring fingers are long, so I guess I should stop giving excuses and just get it done. =) I plan to do it in a couple days...the baby stole the bottle of polish I had picked out and hid it.  I'm on the hunt, but I do have a backup color if I can't find it.  So yes, more of the challenge coming soon! =)

On another note, today, one of my best friends commented on how she only has 100 blog posts, even though she's been blogging for two years.  I told her "That's awesome! That's about once a week!"  After settling into work, I checked my blogger account, and bam...I only have 84 (85 now!) posts, and I've been blogging since the end of 2009.  Mind you, I did have that baby, so I feel I'm allowed to be short! LOL  One of my NYE's resolutions was to blog more, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job of that so far.  I know I'm not blogging every week like I had envisioned, but I did have a small chunk of time where I blogged twice a week. Har har, yes...it's like that. =)

Upcoming Posts:
31 Day Challenge - Day 13: Animal Print
Kat Von D's Lip Paint Review (it's pretty awesome!)
The long awaited Gelish Magneto Review! (can't wait to pick up a bottle on Friday!)
Did I ever talk about LASIK?
Getting back on Latisse
Silk'n Flash n Go (noticable difference after just one month)
Random Thoughts on Getting a Brazillian while Pregnant (tee hee...yes, 2 years later...)

Not in any particular order, mind you.  And of course, I plan to continue the challenge. =) 

So there you have, a quick update!

Till Next Time!


Joanne Briones said...

hey! that's me! wheeee! looking forward to your upcoming posts, esp. the brazilian waxing while preggers one!!!